It is very comforting to live in deception:What If?


Hello, World!

I know you have at least 101 issues and disappointments to deal with. You are probably not satisfied with the results of your government and wish things could be better. Looking at your life, you wish you could turn back the hands of time and make some things right, then you realize nothing much can be done but build a better tomorrow. Well, you are not alone. As the sailors would put it, many are floating in your boat too.

I doubt life is fair, but what if we focused on the best side of it? What if we chose to pay more attention to our triumphs and learn from our mistakes? What if we decided to make things happen on our own than wait for others and the government to deliver? What if we built the future rather than keep digging the past?

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Everyone has it that Africa is poor. What if we disregarded that? How can a land so full of natural resources be poor? What if our energy was focused on making the best of our resources than selling them, only to spend on the products we could as well produce? Who on earth could ever invest on poor grounds? You are right, no one! We are rich, but until we discover it for ourselves, we’ll be content with poverty.

It is very comforting to live in deception, who loves the truth anyway? But what if we became true to ourselves and cared less about the opinion of others? In the quest of pleasing others, many lives have not been lived yet. In the fear of what people would say or think, great ideas have been laid to rest. To hide from criticism, life changing actions are yet to be taken. What if we reminded ourselves that the whole world is waiting for us? A wise man said that the surest way to fail is try to please everyone. It is not an achievable goal. Let’s do what needs to be done, it matters more than what critics have to say.

In the world of social media today, some are sadly dying a slow death because of the fantasies they see. Everyone is almost close to perfection and life seems to be heavenly according to their timelines. Who knows what life means in the real world? Good and bad days, highs and lows, laughing and crying moments. So what if we let the world know that we are human too? What if we were real and stopped painting an image that might even never come to existence? What if we stopped talking about love and loved practically? What if we practised the good leadership we preach and decided to take responsibility as individuals? What if we did in the light what we do in darkness so people will see and know who we are?

I don’t seem to get answers to my questions, but what if we didn’t stop at questioning and sought solutions to our problems? Would the world be any better?

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

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  1. Kibiru says

    Great article. It’s time we leaves our lives. If we are to leave a trail, then we have to walk where no one else has. And that’s the life that God gave us rather than the one others have lived.

  2. Adebayo says

    Enough of the deception!!! It’s time to do something!!!

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