Trey Songz Amazes Kenyans After Helping a Street Boy


trey-songzAfter riding in a Rongai matatu popularly known as Catalyst, celebrated American artiste Trey Songz toured the streets of Nairobi on Sunday and won the heart of many Kenyans after his kind act to a street boy.

As he was strolling around the city centre, Trey Songz came a cross a little boy who he gave 50 US dollars ( approximately Sh5,000) and even took a photo with him.

Oh his timeline he wrote: “This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking. I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars. Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him. Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments. Love my people so much.”

The Slow Motion hit maker, who was donned in a Kenyan jersey, went ahead to express his love for Nairobi and vowed to make a return visit.

“I’ve been going non stop since I touched down. Today I actually had the chance to get a little rest and actually took a stroll through town! I never post a lot of things at once but I’m about to lol! Also follow My photographer @MelDCole he’s caught some amazing moments while here. I’ve had an unforgettable experience and definitely will be back. Thanks to all the people who showed me love! I’m going to miss you Nairobi,” Trey Songz posted on his timeline.

Kenyans were amazed by the RnB star who many have praised as humble.

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