A letter to my daughter-Life is not an easy journey


A good read for all the mothers and mothers to be,for all the young girls starting in life.It is good for the fathers and fathers to be.Life is not an easy journey!

My dearest daughter,

I am waiting for you like the dry lands await the rain. It is with great joy that I anticipate your arrival, thus, the concern that you have it well once you are here. As your mother, it is my obligation to prepare you for the world you’re coming into. It may not be all there is to see, but be sure to encounter a couple of issues I’ll talk to you about. Be not quick to deem my message obsolete, even the wisest man confirmed that “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

My daughter, life is good. As long as you appreciate it, you’ll be glad you lived. Be prepared, however, that it is not an easy journey. The good. The bad. Hills and valleys. Sorrow and happiness. Just like day and night, so are the life experiences you will go through. The bottom line is, you’ll survive. Just like your mother, grandmother and all the women figures who preceded you; you have to face life head-on and fight for what you believe in.

As you keep growing, you’ll meet men of different characters. Listen to me carefully, listen good. I know you’ll choose a life of your own, but don’t forget what your mama’s telling you now. Write it where no joy or pleasure will erase. Keep it where no winds of sweet words can blow them away. Hold it so tightly that no promise will drop it. I know you are an obedient child. Open your ears.

At your teenage, the little boys will love your smile and smooth, spotless face. They’ll praise your dimples and catwalk. Your heart will melt. Some will send you love notes and wink at you. Just smile. Keep on smiling. Don’t be shy when you feel two hard stones on your chest. It will be fine. You’re just growing.

Years will rocket and you’ll start noticing the handsome boys around. You’ll care about what you wear and how you appear. Well, that’s fine. Be smart, my girl. Pay more attention however to your inner look. Know God. Love Him. Be kind and humble. Read books, I’ll get you plenty.

The promises will start coming, and the selfish ones will even promise you the whole world ( forgetting that the rest of us need a home here on earth too ). I’m sorry baby, they are all lies. You’ll be shocked that none of them owns any earth shares. They’re all passers by. Don’t silence them, thank them and pretend that you do not know this secret. Focus more on your dreams.

As you keep seeing and learning more, disappointments will come in a way or two. Think about what life holds tomorrow and take your lessons. Men older than your father, or even your grandfather(forgive them) will come to you. You must be wondering what they’ll be looking for. These men have the sweetest words your ears will ever want to hear. They’ll sweep you off your feet. Don’t let it enter your head! Refuse to be sponsored on secret terms.

If you will be wise my girl(I trust you), you will hold your head high and refuse to be enticed. You will respect and value yourself so much that you’ll choose your dignity over any other promise. Have fun, make friends and above all, be true to yourself.

You will be called proud for being principled. You will loose some opportunities for respecting yourself. You will even be threatened if you refuse to give in to regrettable pleasures. My daughter, never ever settle for less. I am your mother. Trust me, I still have to overcome these even today. It is not easy, I tell you. One thing however, if you stick to your principles, you will always win. You, my daughter, are a winner.

With love,


By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

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  1. Anonymous says

    awesome piece the swity. i have loved it. keep up.

  2. Sharon says

    I so love this ma’ma..Thanks for sharing

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