Devotion: Can’t stand it anymore attitude By Evangelist Isabella

Devotion: Can’t stand it anymore attitude By Evangelist Isabella
Devotion: Can't stand it anymore attitude By Evangelist Isabella God holds the church accountable for this Nation:Before this Nation became as divided as it stands today, the first place division was allowed is in the church, the body of Jesus Christ. If you watched and witnessed the whole campaign season, including the debates, you would begin to relate to my observations. If you’ve been in the body of Jesus Christ long enough you might or might not agree with me that the bickering, belittling, name calling and the shaming has been going in the church for a long time and just caught up in the political system too. There are time and season for everything on earth; a time to cry, a time to laugh, a time to sow and a time reap. There is a time when the call of the hidden speaks louder than the cry of the perceived or known majority. The word of God says that pain may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. In every generation there lies a hidden cry of those that are not known, seen or even been heard of. These are people that have watched and gone through pain or disappointment and waited for someone to come along and help them but never got that help even from those who made promises to help them. People watch what goes on in the world in the political systems and the church systems and start judging what they see; Judge the promises made, then turn to validate their feelings against what they are seeing, experiencing or going through. Bennie Sanders ran his campaign against the political establishment and its super wealthy control of our political system; Hilary Clinton ran her campaign based on continuity while Donald Trump ran his based on failed systems.
When people get to a place where they cannot stand what goes on in governments and the church they end up standing for something or nothing because their mental attitude is “I don’t care anymore.” We have seen this in our homes where children have watched and listened to what goes on in the home, and some have said “I can’t take it anymore and they have left for the streets or to be on their own and never to come home, even for Thanksgiving. We have seen this in the churches where people watched and witnessed how church folks live their lives both in public and private, they judged their actions and validated this against their feelings and either leave for another god or no God at all. Senator Bernie’s message of “The 20 richest people in our country own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population – 150 million people” makes one feel like a handful of individuals control the American economy. Such feelings are common in the church today. Secretary Clinton’s message of “Continuity” is seen as the same old way of doing things, even with all the experience and long history of getting things done. Readiness for office from day one added up to other qualifications but did not persuade many. In the church, there is a generation that is sick and tired of the same old oligarchical structure. When they are told that there is something new, it’s something they can find in the world too. Which ends up losing the unique experience they are looking for in the church. On the other hand, Trump’s message of “failed systems” speaks to the weakness of the church of Jesus Christ on earth today. It is accurate to say that the church mirrors the political and economic status of the world today.
Here are the sobering truths, God holds the church accountable for this Nation. God holds us responsible for our homes than for our churches and the Nations He has placed us in. As families go so does, the church then the Nations. We cannot sit on the sidelines and hide in the crowd and join voices of the majority and think that we as believers are going to get away with it. This is a prime time for each believer, first to do soul searching and second to ask the Lord what next? It’s time for believers from all sorts of religious affiliations to come together with one cry to the Lord to bring healing and restoration. Before Trump became president-elect whether it was God ordained or not, God knew it was going to happen. God did not sit in heaven trying to figure out what to do with what just happened. He knew what was going to happened. The future of this Nation is not in the hands of Trump but in the hands of God. I firmly believe that we as a body of believers need to come together in unity, repent of our sins and lift our hearts to the “hills from where our salvation comes.” Our Nations’ reformation has to start with the church being revived and restored first. What God is about to do in America largely depends on what the church will do. Chronicles 7:14: “If my people. So if God has to do something in America, the church has to do something. For this Nation to change the church has to change. God used a man named Evan Roberts in the Welsh revival
Whose slogan was “Bend the church and bow world the world” this means that if the church cannot turn to the Lord God, then the world will not bow. We as a church have a responsibility and must realize it and start acting on it. We have to pray for the President-Elect Trump and his family as people of God. We have to commit to praying for the church in America and make our homes a place where truth and righteousness are emphasized and acted upon. Attend weekly prayer and bible meetings with fellow believers and pray that God will use you to affect your community with the love of God.
Have peace in the knowledge that this Nation’s destiny is in God’s hands and your hands too as you pray for God’s directions. Accept the outcome of the elections and align your words and speech with God’s word. Focus on your priorities and what matters most, look for opportunities to be an instrument of healing, hope, and reconciliation from the effects of the outcome of elections. Let’s forget who voted for who and forgive one another. It is human to try to minimize or dismiss someone else’s feelings because we don’t feel what they fill, when we do this, we make them feel worse, and this is not God’s way of responding to those that are hurting. Feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just exist. Much wisdom is needed in dealing with those hurting in this season. The Bible says, in book of James 3:17 “The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (NIV)
Until next time, let us be the light in all you do and say for the Glory of God.
Evangelist Isabella
Vessel for honor Ministries


Devotion: Can’t stand it anymore attitude By Evangelist Isabella 


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