Kenyans React Over Raila’s Role in Donald Trump’s Win


trump_railaAs the world prepares for the reality of Donald Trump as the President-Elect of the United States, Kenyans on Twitter were not left behind as they made fun of the situation with hilarious memes and comments.

The predominant joke was on how Africans and other immigrants were preparing for Trump’s presidency by packing their bags.

Trump run a campaign that proposed radical immigration policies including mass deportation of Mexican and African immigrants.

He had also proposed to place a blanket ban on all Muslims entering the US as a strategy for fighting terrorism.

We, Kenyans, are ready for another shocker when President Trump appoints Malik Obama as the next US Ambassador to Kenya.

Remember when y’all used to joke “Voting for Trump coz I’ve never seen a president getting assassinated”

“Excuse, when is your next flight to Africa?”

Trump wins??? Can’t @BarackObama Seek a third term like any other African President would…


Paul Omondi @OmondilisedPaul

if Trump can be elected as US President, then no doubt, Moses Kuria, Sonko…can also make it in Kenya as president

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For others, the blame was sarcastically placed on the doorstep of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Odinga was among the guests who attended the Democratic convention in Pennyslvania where Clinton was declared the party’s nominee for President.

Some mischievous twitter users linked Clinton’s humiliating loss to her association with the Kenyan opposition leader given his bad luck in winning the presidency.


unverified™ @FMKMutuku

Raila akianza kuambiwa ni yeye amefanya clinton aanguke.

Kenyans will blame Raila Odinga for Hillary Clinton’s failure to clinch USA top seat!

Na nilijua tu. When Raila went to attend Hillary Clinton convention, hapo ndo mambo iliharibikia.

Clinton calls Trump to concede.

Raila calls a press conference to protest.

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Raila attended the DNC for Hillary Clinton Nomination . Now you know why.


Kunta Kinte? @ngeerajnr

Clinton couldn’t have won. After endorsement by Raila

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