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Martha Karua Makes Major Political Shift – Kenyans React


Narc-Kenya Party leader Martha Karua on Wednesday announced that she would vie for the Kirinyagagubernatorial seat in the upcoming 2017 General Election.

Karua’s announcement came barely a month after she declared her interest in the Presidency.

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Addressing the media, Karua divulged that she would begin her campaign for the Governor’s seat in two weeks time but did not explain why the sudden change of heart.

A week ago, the former Gichugu MP stated that she would neither join Jubilee nor CORD but would use Nark-Kenya to vie for any seat.

“I have no affiliation to CORD or Jubilee. The party is @narckenya,” Karua affirmed.

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The former Justice Minister is set to compete with former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru who is also eyeing the same seat on a Jubilee ticket.

Other candidates seeking the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat include Kirinyaga Central MP Joseph Gitari, Muriithi Kagai and current Governor Joseph Ndathi.

Karua’s new political move sparked interesting reactions with a section of the public noting that she would lead Kirinyaga in the right direction.

@MarthaKarua kirinyaga is going to change under your stewardship. promise us you wont affiliate yourself with chupilee like @Peter_Kenneth

I frequent Kirinyaga county. I got family members at Kerugoya, Kutus n Kagio. I’m sure @MarthaKarua will make an excellent governor

Man how lucky are Kirinyaga people! Please do the sensible thing and vote for @MarthaKarua!!!

I hope the people of Kirinyaga will make the right choice and vote for @MarthaKarua . Great leader

.@MarthaKarua Congratulations Iron Lady. You have given Kirinyaga people the opportunity to redefine history!

Another section declared it a two-horse race between Karua and Waiguru for the Governor’s seat in 2017.


it’s_b @monkyId

Martha Karua has been Writing her Political Obituary and her Death will be In 2017 …we Cant wait to humiliate her. @AnnWaiguru 4 Kirinyaga


MÛREGA @TsarNjoroge

The people of Kirinyaga will be tested

Maritha @MarthaKarua vs Waikulu
Untainted vs tainted
Iron vs ice
Experience vs money

So its @MarthaKarua vs @AnneWaiguru May the people of Kirinyaga decide well when the time comes.

So it is clear that in 2017 it wl be vs in county…ths s mt.kenya derby!

For pple of : No clearer choice; No Greater call to sacrifice darkness for new ways in . @MarthaKarua @AnneWaiguru

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