Help needed: Dubai doctors refuse to discharge Kenyan baby over Sh8.3m bill


A Dubai hospital has refused to discharge a Kenyan baby as the parents cannot afford a €75,000 (Sh8,319,059.92) medical bill.

Kiama Kamau was born on February 11 at Sharjah hospital.

His mum Ruth Mwaura told the XPRESS that her son was born at 25 weeks, a day before she was to fly home for delivery.

Mwaura and her husband work in Dubai.

“I had to be rushed to the emergency of the hospital and Kamau was born the next day,” she said as reported by The Sun.

The baby had to be stabilised before she could get him out of the hospital.

Mwaura said she cannot afford the money and that her husband earns as little as Sh45,473 (€410).

“I am currently out of work and my husband is a petrol pump filler,” she said, noting she had planned to deliver in Kenya but it became impossible.

According to the Sun, the hospital has not released a statement on the matter.

Please send your financial help to the hospital Account. ZULEKHA HOSP, ENBD A/C Number     1014030708401 ( Description: Son of Ruth Wambui or Pin No ZHSO678289) .Please also send us a copy of the receipt for reference ;  +971526545189 / +971522436132.

For those in Kenya you can Mpesa on 07246945661 ( Ruth ) or deposit  at KCB, MOI AVENUE A/C NO 1177210894. Ruth Wambui Mwaura. Thankyou and God bless you

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  1. LWK says

    This is just another example of how Africans (in this case Kenyans) are treated in places like Dubai. And teh Kenyan government is asking young people to go there for ‘training’. What kind of ‘training’–to become the pawns of Arab masters? Come on. The Kenyan Government should help to get this baby out of the hospital and safely back into the arms of Kamau’s mother. What kind of world (or place) is this where they can hold a baby hostage over the same money they are not paying to Kenyan workers. Please, President Uhuru and Ministers, don’t subject your people to this treatment by these superioristic people. Please help this family get their baby out of this God-forsaken place. They do not treat Kenyans like people. Why should Kenyans een go there? If the government there has any goodwill at all they will pay for this baby to return to the parents. Holding a baby hostage in a hospital is tantatmount to kidnapping–all because of an emergency delivery. What kind of heartless people are they?

  2. LWK says

    TO KENYA’s Leaders: While you are sipping your latte or drinking a Tusker, this little baby Kamau is being held hostage in Dubai where money is their God. How can you let this Kenyan mother who needs her baby to be with her be held hostage by these heartless people? They should be ashamed of themselves. No one should EVER GO TO DUBAI–there should be a boycott until they start treating regular Wananchi better than this. These people have plenty of money gushing out of the ground, so why can’t they help this Kenyan mother. I will tell you why–because they love money more than people unless you happen to be one of them. I am sorry to say that should be an international crime to hold a baby hostage like this. I think that the Kenyan father must be beside himself and his wife must be crying day and night. Come on Kenyan leaders and Ambassadors–get off your lattes and beers and help your innocent Wananchi!

    Please! Kamau’s mom was just tying to get home to deliver her baby and now these cruel people have that Kenyan child the Kenyan government needs to help or be considered worse. I think there should be a general boycott of Dubai for this very reason! Why should any Kenyan (or anyone else go there if this is the treatment a poor Kenyan gets just for living there and trying to get home to deliver her baby?)

    Please, please, please. She is a Kenyan mother! Please help rescus this Kenyan Wanachi and her baby1 Then don’t go there ever again.

    IF you can’t negotiate a release, then please pay these money idol worshippers and get this baby home safely to his Mom. If she and her husband want to come back to Kenya, please help them. They shouldn’t hae to live in a heartless place like this that is fake anyway…I mean they were trying to fill up the ocean just because they can to show off like they are God or something. They are not God. They are warped human beings who need to realize that visitors will not comd if they are known for things like this. What kind of hospitality is that. You deliver your baby early in such a GOd-forsaken place and then they keep your baby!!!!
    This is a Kenyan child…for heaven’s sakes help your own Wananchi, Kenyan Ministers and Mr. President!

  3. LWK says

    Why are Kenyans going to Dubai on vacation? Until the UAE hospital releases this Kenyan baby no one should go there. This is a Kenyan citizen and the Kenyan government needs to step in an negotiate so the infant can be released to his mum and taken home. How is the mum living there? Obviously she has to be with the baby. This is heartless and shameful treatment of this Kenyan mum and dad. Please don’t go to Dubai for holiday Kenyans since they are obviously not interested to help you if you get sick or have your baby early. Come on. No one needs to go to Dubai.

    Please get your little Wananchi home Kenya Government since this mum and dad are being sand-bagged. Please!

  4. LWK says

    Kenya Consulate in Dubai. Please help these wananchi get their baby back. This is a Kenyan’s child for heaven’s sake. Please! This is heart-breaking and cruel.

    Otherwise, boycott Dubai. Why should anyone in the world go to a place that holds a newborn hostage due ot an emergency? They know the mother cannot afford to stay there since where is she going to sleep and how is she going to eat. This baby needs his mum. I hope she is sleeping in the hospital and refusing to leave. Kenyan Government and Consulate–this is where you need to get involved. This is a desperate situation. Why are you so silent? Why are you letting a Kenyan baby be held hostage? Why should anyone ever go to Dubai for any reason. There is no reason to go there if this is how they treat Kenyans or people from anywhere else.

    This is cruel and unusual treatment of a Kenyan mother and her baby. I think Kenyans should protest this traetment. I don’t think anyone should eer travel to Dubai for any reason now that Dubai is holding a newborn hostage so far from their home. Please Kenyan Govt. do what you were elected to do by Wananchi and protect your people.

  5. LWK says

    Mr Kariuki Mugwe, Consul General U.A.E. (Dubai). This is a crying shame for Kenya to allow this to continue, knowing these wananchi will never have enough to get their baby back. Shame, Shame, Shame. A general BOYCOTT IS IN ORDER! Kenyans should buy anything from Dubai and should not go there ever if this is the way they are treated.

  6. Jane says

    Mr kariuki mugwe is busy buying second hand cars, he has no administration experience as he is an accountant, he was supposed to.retire 2 years ago but still in dubai does not want to leave his seat pls Monica juma intervene

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