After Mothers Day: We Orphans without Mothers!


After Mothers Day: We Orphans without Mothers!

Dr. Teddy Kamau

Mothers’ day reflects a good concept. It is an international idea to remind humanity that they were born. Not just born, but that they were natured by their mothers. It is one of the most amazing mysteries in human development: That a child can grow and develop with mother’s milk for a year or even more! This phenomenon never ceases to amaze me.

I was watching the Steve Harvey  show (Young talents) mother’s day with buddies of mine. He had an Asian girl who had photographic memory. I have never seen any thing like that in my life. My buddies and I got into a discussion on the mystery of creation. One of them argued that his understanding of God has made him ‘not need to pray to God.” His argument revolves around the idea that the Creator did provide all things to man and therefore we do not need to keep going back to him. That which we need is provided! This was guided by his tribes’ belief that God is not your kinsman to be constantly bothered. This, outside his understanding of the Kingdom of darkness: We must seek God cause we cannot win against the devil outside of the spiritual realm.

The other one argued that in creating man, God gave man all things. He added that the reason why we do not have all we need is because we do not know how to tap to the 70 percent of our brains’ potential. He based his theory on the scientific hypothesis that has man using only 30% of their brain’s potential.

Both men acknowledged that God provided humanity with all that they need. In agreeing with them I took a journey back to the book of Genesis. An apologetic reading of genesis one and two presents a logical sequence of God’s intentions. He calculated every angle of life and created a world that would be absolute within its providence.  God’s original intention was to create man. That is why St Paul writes that the angels are waiting to behold the consummation of God’s plan for salvation. This is because that which exists within universal reality, outside of the unseen heavenly mystery where the spiritual beings live, was brought to existence for the purpose of men.

Scientific exploration of outer space baffles the intellect as to the phenomenon of galaxies, within which we find stars and planets, to the black hole. Yet those who understand Genesis and God’s intention see them all revolving around the statement, “let us make man in our own image.” All that is within the universe was created with an intention of securing man in the created order. For it is these galaxies that guarantee mathematical preciseness of life on earth. Even the phenomenon of a mother giving birth to a child who then grows to have photographic memory is related to the universal realities! All things work together.

The complex nature of creations boils back to a child being born! God gave humanity the authority to reproduce themselves in their own image. Not only did he give man the authority to reproduce, He calculated all that we will need to accomplish this specific goal, and to sustain those who are born. In fact the most incredible mystery is the knowledge that the number of people who will inherit heaven is determined by the number of human beings born of women then believe in Christ.

Also, the numbers of those who will be damned arise from those who humans produce. Therefore, even the population of heaven and hell is dependent upon mothers giving birth. It is this knowledge that gives meaning to my mother’s constant prayers that we, her children, may not perish but have everlasting life. Therefore, even though she has RESTED out of the toils of this world, and it was a motherless mothers day for me, her milk, her DNA, her hair, other mysterious characteristics of Teddy Njoroge Kamau guides me still.

Therefore, we without mothers, though we could not celebrate our mothers, can after mothers’ day look in the mirror and say, “Thanks mum.”

To my mother:  Harriet Muthoni Kamau

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora messenger Senior Columnist

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