Raila Odinga Invokes 2007 Violence: International Press Reports


It is hard to imagine that any sane person would think of taking Kenyans back to the post election violence of 2007. Anybody who was in Kenya at that time knows the suffering and the death of innocent Kenyans whom, after fulfilling their constitutional duty of voting, found themselves at the mercies of selfish and greedy politicians. These politicians, using the pretense of popular vote were willing to burn down their own country and its people to ride in a presidential limousine!

I covered the Kenyan election and was in Kenya during and after the election. I saw the misery that the common mwananchi suffered. For those in Naivasha, hundreds of people from Nyanza who work at the Naivasha flower farms suffered the greatest pug of violence. I was in naivasha and saw women and children who had taken shelter at Naivasha police station. Can you imagine women and children sleeping in the open without food, water, sanitary towels, and children dippers? Does anybody want to see that again? Does Raila honestly want to see that?

In Nairobi, the super markets went empty! Families with little children could not find milk, and the supply line for mboga, viazi, nyama, sukari, and all other commodities were cut off. I will not remind you of a woman whose two brothers from central province were burnt to death in the rift valley! Does anybody want to see that happen again in Kenya? Can anybody with akiri timamu even bring that up as a possibility?

According to Bloomberg news, Raila Odinga is threatening the country and evoking this possibility. If this is true, he should not even be on the ballot. We citizens of the republic of Kenya cannot afford another 2007! May the forces of darkness that fight against every GOOD thing be defeated through our prayers and supplications through Christ Jesus! May every believer beg our gracious redeemer for election peace and sanity!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


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  1. vincent onyango says

    the propaganda machine has hit the road.

    1. Kenne says

      Eddy Njoroge Kamau, elections MUST be free, fair and credible. Instead of addressing this, you’re blaming participants. To you stealing/rigging inst a crime but the reactionary which is violence is a crime.
      Currently in the court of justice, IEBC and Attorney general are busy defending the presidency and not the country. They want to SELECT and not allow us to ELECT our leaders. Prevention is better than cure.

  2. Steve says

    Anybody invoking war is an agent of devil, for killing, stealing and destroying are the works of the devil. Let’s at once be civilised and patriotic to our country. What will it benefit a person to be the president at the cost of others blood. That’s a curse and such a person is cursed.

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