Hear the Word of the Lord: A Prophetic Call to Rwanda and Kenya

Hear the Word of the Lord: A Prophetic Call to Rwanda and Kenya
Over the past month now I have seen the eye of the Lord hovering over the continent of Africa. At different times the Lord would highlight to me certain nations and things that will be happening in the coming years. I can see in the not so distant future powerful preachers coming out of Egypt with unusual signs and wonders. I have seen these ministers will come from a Coptic Orthodox background and some will bare the marks of Christ upon their bodies having bore great personal persecution, they will be power houses for the Kingdom of God. I have seen a major outpouring flood Ethiopia as the nation stretches out her hands to God, something unprecedented will come in this nation unlike anything we have seen in the past. Their history with God’s glory has sealed them for greater glory in the coming days!
I have seen the Lions of Africa will roar with great power and will hit new highs in the GDP by 2020 as the economic growth of these Lions flourish beyond belief. These Lions I have seen represent the nations of Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda, Namibia and South Africa. These countries are fertile with possibilities for companies of every kind and I see major changes coming to infrastructure of these nations over night as a result of large corporations coming. The economy of South Africa will come roaring back from the dead. I saw that the nation was on the verge of extinction, but the Lord has preserved her through prayer and repentance by the people. There is a power struggle at hand, but I saw the tables will be overturned and justice will be served. A fresh start for the country is to come, the dawning of a new day as corruption is removed from power. These are just a few general things I can share that I have seen, but more specifically I want to discuss the nations of Rwanda and Kenya as the Lord has laid them deeply upon my heart.
The nation is set on a projection of blessing and will shine brighter and brighter in the coming years. I heard the Lord say over the nation of Rwanda, “the people of the earth will speak of your prosperity Rwanda and talk of your beauty. I will show the sons of men through you my abundant mercy and mighty acts of power. I redeemed you from great blood shed to raise you up and set you among the princes of the earth, you will never be ashamed again.
The glory and majesty of your country will be seen throughout the nations as a testimony of my power to redeem!” I saw the reelection of President Paul Kagame; for God has chosen him to lead the country to greatness. I saw two industries prospering this nation to new places of blessing. First the manufacturing industry and secondly the mining industry. God will greatly bless these two industries in the coming years and they will lift the country from the dust of Africa to shine brighter and brighter. God has seeded this nation with blessings and will export them around the world, look to see the export of materials reach new heights in the coming years, it will be shocking.
I have great concern in my heart at this time for Kenya. I want to advise the nation and its leaders to be prayerful and tighten its security over the next several months especially in Nairobi and Mombasa. I see the nation will pass through a dark day. I saw chaos, fear, and strife coming forth during the general elections on a magnitude unheard of in Kenyan electoral history, but Kenya will pass through it. At this time the temptations of the past are attempting to resurface. I saw a serpent spirit seductively seducing some in the nation.
The words riots and violence have been imbedded in the land by this seductive serpent, but I heard the Lord say, “In that Day with my great and strong sword will I punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and I will slay the dragon that is in the sea of the people and bring clarity to their minds once again. For truly the Fools will give full vent to their rage for a moment, but then will the wise bring calm in the end. For I have sent my angels with Jubilant trumpets in hand to release a sound of victory for the righteous in the land and this sound will override the seductive sound of the serpent. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous has availed much and I will give my people a Jubilee and five years of abundant grace. Jubilee will stand in Kenya and not be moved”
The Angels are blowing the trumpets in July over the nation and sealing the Jubilee victory for the nation in August. There will be a shaking during the election, but in the end I see the hands shaking in unity with one another. What the enemy intended for evil God will turn it for the good of the people. I see two hands tightly grasp together to form unity in the nation and Leviticus 25 written in the palms of the hands. The Lord decrees over the nation of Kenya a double portion of Jubilee across the land 25 and 25, a perpetual year of Jubilee for the country! He will restore the agricultural industry again and the seed from this land will flourish to feed the nations. God will also restore the people and plant seeds of greatness in their minds. I see the technology industry soaring to greater heights in the coming years.
The nation of Kenya is a lion, but its feet are in the shape of the elephant. I see this nation leaving a massive foot print in the telecommunications and mobile phone industry across the world in the coming days. Again the next several months there will be shaking, but God has already spoken to me that after the shaking the desire of all nations shall come: and He will fill Kenya with glory and rest so the people will be blessed. So have no fear in your hearts Kenya for God has sealed you with Jubilee and prosperity.
-Prophet Charlie Shamp


Hear the Word of the Lord: A Prophetic Call to Rwanda and Kenya 

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