A Kenyan woman in UK Immigration Detention center appeal for help


help this family fight there immigration issue (angela and daughter)

Help this family fight there immigration issue

For: Angela and daughter
United Kingdom

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The Story

If i told you my story would i expect you to understand ,walk with,pity  me or would it be for you to convict me?my name is failure,homeless,bad parent,ugly,unwanted and a looser but am the biggest dreamer.so who am i?i was born in kenya turning 31with a teenage daughter and currently disfunctional.when i was a kid i was raped and due to that i become a sex addict and a desperate walking skeleton.i lost my memory and became the neighborhood whore.i had nothing to loose and live for so i went to wierd places and ended up been raped,gang raped,alcholic,and a street kid.due to my fucked up life i ended up pregnant abortion wasnt an option but when i gave birth at 14 i couldnt face the child nor could i handle the situation,so i tried to get rid of the baby but couldnt go through it.having the a baby didnt change the situation i had to try to hustle for not just me but a newborn.

Five years ago i moved to the uk i thought this was my breakthrough only to get end up homeless in a new city.i had to get help but whoever i ren to i had to be a whore to get basic needs.i tried to fill the gap i was missing but ended up rejected more no education no place to live and just a small bag to live on an a child i left behind in my country.i believe this not the life i am destined to have.i have always wanted to be a chef and help women,men and children like me.so why am i here? Am not here to tell my story and ask anyone who would like to help me re-write my story to help me raise money to help me for the first time my daughter and i to have basic needs(accomodation food and clothing).i am looking for donations to be able to provide for my daughter  and i a room over our heads  food and clothing and ability for me to go back to school and achieve my dreams

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