Why Kenyan Women Do Not Date Broke Men



Women love being classy and being provided for whether they are working or not. The women of nowadays can never inspire to be housewives because they want to feel their own sweat and their hard earned money from the work they do.

Here are reasons why Kenyan women would never date broke men:

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  1. No woman wants a looser.

It is  every woman’s dream to get whatever she wants from her man. She has to be proud of you and even introduce you to her colleagues, but when you have nothing to offer her, the woman will surely leave you and go get a man who knows what he’s doing.

2. Women want men to pay their bills.

The expectation of a woman is that she gets a man who will pay her bills like paying for her hairdo, paying for the drinks when they go out and a man who will surprise her with gifts. When a woman sees what you do for her, she will also spare her money to treat you once in a while but if you cannot pay her bills then you will never have her.

3. Inheritance.

When you pass away, your money will be hers and your children and that’s why they go for rich men since they know they will be left with something when you are no more. If you are broke, this is something that you will not be able to give your woman making her leave you for someone much better that you.

4. Women want to be identified with class.

Have you ever wondered what women discuss when they go out? Well, you will be shocked to learn that they always discuss about their men and other topics and if you are not rich, then you will feel left out because they are always identified with class on how they carry themselves and the people they associate with.

5. Kenyan women want men who can provide for them.

A man can provide for a woman with so many things including a shoulder to lean on when all is not well. The Bible says that men are the providers because they are the head of the family and it is their responsibility to provide for their women whatever they want as long as the things they want can be provided.

Well, if you are a broke man then you must prepare to work hard in order to keep your woman from eyeing someone else who can provide for all her needs.

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