Maraga, Raila Who Deserves The Title Of “Person of The Year”

Maraga, Raila Who Deserves The Title Of “Person of The Year”
Maraga, Raila Who Deserves The Title Of “Person of The Year”

The year has come to an end and looking to back at an eventful year, it is difficult to pinpoint which individual should be crowned “Person of the Year.”

Politics dominated the Kenyan scene. With two elections in one year and a drawn-out campaign period, it is undeniable that politics did take center stage, and with so did various individuals. Aside from the political aspirants and the winners who actually made it into the August House saw many first timers join Kenya’s political elite.

5.Paul Mwirigi

Among them was Paul Mwirigi. A university student, Mwirigi is among a new breed of Kenyan leadership to rise to the top. With an inspiration grass to glory story, Mwirigi has not only inspired many Kenyan youths but also old leadership too. Many are hopeful for what the new year holds for this young leader.


Githeri Man also made a huge impression online. The overnight star stepped into the limelight and lightened up the mood of the nation when political tensions were high. A highlight when the nation was going to the ballot, Githeri Man united Kenyans around their love for Githeri.

3.Ezra Chiloba

Ezra Chiloba, IEBC Chief Executive also became Twitter fodder for his dashingly good looks. The young public servant proved that one can be competent and handsome. Now known as Chilobae, the spectacle-dorning lawyer gave new definition to the phrase “tall glass of water.”

2.Raila Odinga

The presidential aspirant Raila Odinga also kept Kenyans on their toes. The man behind the super coalition NASA made several premier political moves that will forever be remembered in history. Whether it was his presidential re-election petition or his anecdotes on Kenyans’ journey to Canaan, Raila kept people entertained throughout the election campaign period. Now that the dust has settled, it is still unclear if Raila will be inaugurated in the new year.

1.Chief Justice David Maraga

Finally, Chief Justice David Maraga is also worthy of the “Person of the Year” title. His historic ruling during the Presidential re-election petition was the first of its kind in Africa. Maraga remained strong under pressure, and his professionalism restored all hope in the Kenyan judicial system. Maraga may have single-highhandedly brought attention to the strength of the Kenyan judicial system.


Maraga, Raila Who Deserves The Title Of “Person of The Year”

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