Diaspora say No to Raila Odinga swearing In-John Kamau

Diaspora say No to Raila Odinga swearing In-John Kamau
Diaspora say No to Raila Odinga swearing In-John Kamau

As Kenyans in the Diaspora we wish to distance ourselves from the (proposed) scheduled self swearing in of Raila Amollo Odinga. We have noted with great concern statements in both international, and local media; purportedly by Kenyans in the Diaspora, specifically those in UK; claiming that we are sympathetic to this illegal process, and that we intend to create a chapter of the NRM’s, formally (NASA)people’s assembly.

As Kenyans from all the 51 US states, we wish to categorically affirm that we subscribe to the rule of law as Kenyan citizens, and citizens and legal residents of our host Countries. NRM is proscribed under Kenyan laws. All its concepts and ideologies which espouse rising up against a constitutionally established Government, are converse to the laws of Kenya and those of our host Countries.

We warn those few Raila supporters, both in UK and elsewhere, who claiming to be establishing these illegitimate groups, any attempt to enjoin us in any way, shape or form will provoke severe social and legal action from Kenyans in the Diaspora.

On August 8th 2017 Kenyans exercised their democratic rights in a general election. Thousands of International observers’ commended the exercise as the most peaceful, transparent, free, and fair in African history. Soon after, Raila moved to the Supreme Court where the Presidential elections were annulled. This is typical to his character’ (he has participated in 4 general elections in the past, 1997, 2007, 2013 and 2017) he has never conceded defeat. “Raila always results to street demonstrations that has claimed thousands of Lives of innocent young people

The Supreme Court ordered presidential elections repeated in 60 days, Raila cerebrated the Ruling, but later refused to participate in the elections demanding IEBC be dissolved. In conformity with those orders, Kenyans expressed their will in October 2017, and elected a President who was sworn in November by the Chief Justice, as per the Kenyan constitution.

Raila responded by converting NASA to a resistant movement, activities that have sparked widespread insecurity and economic collapse. Kenyans are now living in fear. 2007/2008 Genocide is clear in the minds of Kenyans and we don’t want a repeat.

NASA has Governors, Senators, MCA’s and MP’s all sitting in both the Counties, and Central Government’s Legislative bodies. These elected officials were granted the mandate by their constituents, as per the constitution of Kenya; to represent them in all county and National issues. The Supreme Court that has demonstrated its independence is still available to all Kenyans. Nevertheless, Raila has chosen an illegal self-swearing in instead of these constitutional Establishments?

We support national dialogue under established constitutional structures, by elected bodies or through a national referendum. No one should coerce Kenyans to disaffiliate constitutional order, to reward a bully. This happened in 2007, when the international community erroneously coerced Kenyans to create an unconstitutional post of Prime Minister to reward leaders of Genocide.

In a separate letter, we have requested the UN, UE. AU, UAE. USA, UK, to deny Raila, and his group any opportunity to perpetuate genocide in Kenya. The scheduled (self) swearing in is an open declaration of war against the peoples of Kenya. It undermines the budding democratic space, and threatens the Kenyan constitutional order we have nurtured since independence. This saw the Supreme Court annul a Presidential Election in August 2017, (a first in history) a prayer that Raila took to court.

Raila has Chosen radicalized youth, controlled by NRM to cause mayhem rather than Established constitutional structures. Kenyans and the world remember his 2007/2008 ferocious campaign of bloodshed that led to a near Genocide leaving thousands dead, and thousands homeless. We urge the international community to stop the creation of another terrorist hub worse than Somalia. A civil war in Kenya in 2018 would make Rwanda’s 1991 genocide look like a walk in the park.

By John Kamau,

Rwandan woman in N.H convicted of lying about role in genocide

Diaspora say No to Raila Odinga swearing In-John Kamau

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