VIDEO: I recognise Uhuru as president, says NASA MP Onyonka


VIDEO: I recognise Uhuru as president, says NASA MP Onyonka

Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka has said he recognises Uhuru Kenyatta as the legitimate president of Kenya.

The MP, who was elected under NASA’s Ford Kenya party, said the president was legally in office, differing with his coalition’s stance on the matter.

“Rais wa Kenya ni Uhuru. Ukiangalia kisheria aliapishwa akapewa instruments of power. Yeye ndiye president waKenya,” he said.

(Uhuru is the president of Kenya having been sworn in and given the instruments of power)

At Parliament buildings on Tuesday, ONyonka said his issues concerned the election process, not Uhuru, who was inaugurated last November.

“Mimi kama mbunge ninatashwishi vile kura zilipigwa lakini sisemi kuwa Uhuru sio kiongozi wa Kenya. Mimi sina shida kwa sababu aliapishwa,” he said.

(As an MP, I have issues with the way the election was handled but I can’t say Uhuru is not Kenya’s leader. I have no problem since he was sworn in)

“Lakini tusije tukasema hatuwezi kuanagalia zile shida zilitokea siku za kupiga kura.”

(Let us not say we will not look at the issues that emerged during the electioneering period)

Onyonka further noted he has no problem with the Opposition’s plan to swear in NASA leader Raila Odinga as it it is their choice.

“NASA wanataka kuapisha Raila kama rais wao. Sina shida lakini mimi najua rais wa Kenya ni Uhuru,” he said.

(I have no problem with NASA’s swearing in plan but I know Uhuru remains the president of the Republic of Kenya)

The lawmaker dismissed his Suba North counterpart John Mbadi for saying he does not recognise Uhuru as the president.

“Mbadi alisema hawezi tambua Uhuru. Hiyo ni kauli yake. Mimi ni kiongozi … na watu wangu wa Kitutu Chache kiongozi wetu ni Uhuru,” he added.

(What Mbadi said is his personal opinion. As for me and my constituents, Uhuru is our leader)

Opposition supporters have vowed not to recognise Uhuru as the head of state. They said they were disappointed with the IEBC for holding the October 26 election despite Raila’s withdrawal.

The Opposition’s journey began in August 8, 2017, with the rejection of results of the presidential election.

NASA leaders want thorough reforms, especially in the electoral system, and have been employing tactics as part of a national resistance movement.

The grand plan is for Raila and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka to be sworn in on January 30 as leaders of the People’s Republic of Kenya.


VIDEO: I recognise Uhuru as president, says NASA MP Onyonka

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