Miguna Miguna: How I was deported to Dubai

Self-declared National Resistance Movement general Miguna Miguna has narrated his ordeal of how he was forcibly deported to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, after he was held in a toilet at the JKIA for three days.

Dr Miguna, who has been admitted at a hospital in Dubai, said that he was harassed, drugged and dragged to a Dubai-bound flight EK 722.


“About 50 heavily armed thugs led by the uniformed Somali policeman who had commanded them on Monday, violently broke into the toilet I had been detained incommunicado in at the Jomo Kenyatta [International] Airport, didn’t identify themselves, wrestled me to the ground, held onto [me] and sat on me as a group of four different thugs injected substances to both my soles, arms, hands, both sides of my ribs and basically all over my body until I passed out,” Dr Miguna narrated in a statement posted on his verified 350,000-followers Facebook page.

Dr Miguna said he regained consciousness at 5.25am, after the plane landed, and was ordered off the plane by three men, with one who introduced himself as Njihia and had a yellow Air Emirates reflector jacket, informing him that he had the fiery lawyer’s documents.

“I explained to him (Njihia) that I wouldn’t go anywhere with him; that he didn’t have my valid Kenyan passport and that he is a criminal who had not only abducted, drugged and forcefully removed me from Kenya against my will and in violation of numerous court orders,” Dr Miguna said in the statement, referring to the more than 10 court orders the state had disobeyed since he was arrested at his home in February and deported to Canada five days later.

He travelled to Kenya on Monday but was held at the airport for four days, then deported a second time.


Dr Miguna protested a plan he said was being hatched to fly him unconscious and sick to London from Dubai, saying it was a criminal act.

He refused to be thrown into a police station, he said, instead demanding to see a doctor, whom he said confirmed he had been drugged.

“I have severe pain on the left side of my chest, my left wrist, my right elbow and my feet. I believe that the despots must have injected me with noxious substances,” Dr Miguna alleged, insisting that the only place he would fly to is Kenya.

Even with the threat of being sent to Canada, his adopted home, for a second time, Dr Miguna was stoic and unmoved.

He was unrepentant of the events he says might have led to his tribulations.

“I am innocent man,” he said. “My only crimes are that I swore Raila Odinga in as The People’s President on January 30, 2018; I head the National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) in order to bring electoral justice, end bad governance and accountability in governance and we are determined to remove the despots from their illegitimate positions of power!”


In all, he was hopeful that he would return to Kenya soon – as early as Thursday or Friday.

“I strongly encourage all patriotic Kenyans to remain firm, focused and fearless in the face of an outlaw, authoritarian and illegitimate regime of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto,” Dr Miguna wrote, before declaring, “The despots must fall. No retreat! No surrender! Forward ever!”

Dr Miguna said that with the deportation, he had missed his chance to give a victim statement in the case in which Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa and Inspector-General Joseph Boinnet were on Wednesday convicted for contempt of court.


Source Daily Nation

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