Ten suspects arrested over rape incident captured on viral video


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Ten suspects have been arrested in connection with an incident in which a woman was captured on video being raped along Mto Lane off River Road Nairobi.

The suspects include the man who raped the woman on an unknown day.

Nairobi police boss Joseph Ole Tito said they are yet to get the woman who was raped in the video.

“The suspects are all street urchins and they know the woman. In as much as they knew each other, the manner in which it happened is wrong,” said Tito.

He appealed to the woman to go to Central police station and record a statement.

The woman was raped by a man believed to be a street boy as about four others watched and cheered on.

Her attempts to resist were thwarted after the men threatened to kill her.

Tito said a team of detectives led by Central head of DCI Samuel Kobina has been assembled and ordered to pursue the matter to the end.

The rape ordeal is captured in a video that was taken on an unknown date. In the amateur video, a young man identified as ‘Baite’ rattles down a woman before he goes ahead to rape her.

The woman screams for help saying she is being raped but one of the members is heard threatening to kill her. The woman pleads with them not to kill her as she gives up the struggle while the excited squad watched on cheering on Baite to go ahead.

“Don’t kill me please and please warn that person to stop recording. He might cause me to be killed,” cried the woman who had already been overpowered.

The crowd cheered on excitedly through the ordeal while the woman remained silent, only struggling to cover her face.

The video came out as pedestrians using the route said they know the said place as a rape den.

The upsurge of glue sniffing and shaggy street children is making walking along streets in Nairobi a nightmare for anyone carrying food, using a mobile phone or carrying a handbag.

The rowdy youth harass shoppers along both uptown and down-streets,forcefully asking for money, snatching items and pickpocketing unsuspecting citizens.

According to the residents, the petty criminals have invaded streets in Nairobi, bringing to an end a long spell when people felt safe walking in alleyways.

“Girls cannot use that path alone. You had rather go round,” warned a shop attendant at Charles Rubia Road.

The attendant explained that the gang of street children had turned the lane connecting Charles Rubia road to Kirinyaga road into their residence and could harm passers-by.

“Those men there are not just street children, be warned. They are usually high on drugs and mostly armed and will not hesitate to attack you,” he warned.


Source the standard Newspaper

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