Alfred Keter owns up to anti-William Ruto comments


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Alfred Keter owns up to anti-William Ruto commentsOutspoken Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter on Thursday swallowed humble pie and apologised for his remarks which were viewed by many as targeted at Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

Mr Keter has been under fire from Mr Ruto’s Rift Valley backyard after he was recently caught on tape pouring cold water on the DP’s 2022 presidential chances, saying he was not the right person to lead the country after President Uhuru Kenyatta completes his term.

However, Mr Keter who spoke during a live morning show on Kass FM said his remarks have been taken out of context as he did not mention names.


He was however at pains to explain whom he was referring to in the clip when he said: “The other day he called me complaining that I was spoiling his 2022 votes.”

The MP said that there are many people from the Kalenjin community eyeing the top seat and wondered why some individuals want to connect his sentiments to the DP alone.

“I stand by my remarks on my unwavering support for President Uhuru in his fight against corruption. I apologise to anybody who might have felt offended by my statement,” Mr Keter said for the first time, owning up to the video clip that went viral.

Mr Keter at the same time called on the Kalenjin community to reach out to leaders from other regions if their chances of ascending to the presidency in 2022 are anything to go by.

“We should not create enemies. We need other people in this journey.”


In the video, Mr Keter asked Rift Valley voters to support candidates with unquestionable integrity.

“All Kenyans have a right to demand for better governance and accountability from the Jubilee government and it’s leadership,” the legislator, whose win was recently upheld by the Court of Appeal, said.

Low-keyed demonstrations against Mr Keter were recently staged in his backyard, but police prevented the residents from holding demonstrations in the town.

But Mr Keter dismissed the protesters as goons hired by his ‘enemies’, and that they were chased away by his constituents.

Some leaders from Uasin Gishu and Nandi counties even warned the MP against setting foot in the two counties until he apologises to Mr Ruto.


On Wednesday, Mr Keter vowed that he will not be intimidated for speaking over what he called “high level corruption in the country”.

“The country has suffered a lot because of a few leaders who use their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the people. It’s not the people of Nandi Hills only who suffer because of corruption which has affected all public sectors.”

The legislator was yesterday categorical that he is not undermining the DP.

“Those criticizing leaders from the community seeking elective office are not enemies but leaders with sober minds who correct mistakes from within.”

He said many farmers were grappling with a lot of hardships after influential individuals filled National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots with cheap maize from Uganda.

Mr Keter and his Moiben counterpart Silas Tiren, who are viewed as rebels, have been a thorn in the flesh of the Jubilee administration.

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