Commendable performance by President Uhuru Kenyatta

Commendable performance by President Uhuru Kenyatta,but what about the reports of commissions of inquiries?

In the recent few months President Uhuru Kenyatta has done a wonderful job in the war on corruption in Kenya. He has disapproved the inaction of all other Presidents before him. He has also disapproved many Kenyans who a few months ago believed that the new constitution deprived the Presidency the powers to act on corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has disapproved the many Kenyans who believed that it was only after an amendment of the new constitution, by giving the President more powers, that the Executive would be able to fight corruption in Kenya.

Thanks to the President for aggressively fighting corruption in Kenya using that same new constitution. All Kenyans wish that the President continues the war on corruption, until he rids Kenya off all those who have for many years enjoyed impunity as they derailed progress in the Nation, through the looting public funds.

Nevertheless, it is also extremely important for the President to address the reports of commissions of inquiries into corruption in Kenya and other commissions of inquiries on other crimes.

There has been several commissions of inquiries in Kenya on which millions of Kshs was spent, and the findings were finalized, yet the reports have never been made public. Understandably, all the reports of all those past commissions of inquiries, were handed over to the Executive. Why millions of Kshs were spent on commissions of inquiries and thereafter the reports made secret, is definitely another high level corruption by the Kenya Executive.

President Uhuru Kenyatta should first clean up the office of the Executive, the corruption in that office, which is related to the hiding of the information about the numerous reports of commissions of inquiries into corruption and into other crimes, which no doubts he has certainly seen and read. The money spent on the commissions of inquiries belonged to the Kenyan people and the commissions were conducted on behalf of the Kenyan people. So Kenyans deserve to be told the findings of those commissions of inquiries.
By Isaac Newton Kinity

Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union

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