Federal gov’t accommodating illegal immigrants who cross border into Ontario


It seems that the federal government is accommodating those illegal immigrants who cross the border into Ontario and Quebec at hotels, feeding them and treating them with free medical care, all at taxpayers’ cost.

I find this utterly ludicrous when we have hundreds of Canadian individuals all over the country who are homeless and living in tents or other shelters, with not much being done for them. In my opinion, the reverse should happen — why not accommodate the homeless Canadians in hotels and have the illegal immigrants stay in tents instead?

Re: “Beliefs on homeless are self-perpetuating,” letter, Aug. 16; “Housing first shouldn’t mean neighbourhoods come second,” comment, Aug. 12.

The letter-writer attacks Stephen Hammond’s commentary because he believes it “stereotypes poor people as dangerous, threatening, sick and lazy.” I’m dumbfounded. Did he read the op-ed? I did.

Hammond quotes B.C.’s chief justice, who wrote: “The encampment is unsafe for those living there and for the neighbouring residents and businesses, and cannot be permitted to continue.” Hammond’s commentary clearly stated that housing first is a good idea, but the numbers of housed people must be safe for the residents inside the facility and for the neighbourhood.

Hammond refers to officially documented thefts and dangers coming from these overcrowded “housing” warehouses. This is the consequence of poorly administered policies.

The letter-writer’s opinion seems to be an offspring of political demagoguery that appears to be alive and well in Victoria and tends to dehumanize an opponent, not contradict the argument.

However, Hammond’s article is based on facts. It calls for respecting every resident, regardless of their current circumstance, and offers better solutions than stuffing vulnerable members of our society in less-than-sanitary and overcrowded facilities without ongoing support. Hammond calls for compassion to everybody in a neighbourhood and for properly fulfilled policies.

Anna Cal



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