Kibaki Visits his sisters for Christmas and Kenyans are baffled


Kibaki Visits his sisters for Christmas and Kenyans are baffled

Kibaki Visits his sisters for Christmas and Kenyans are baffled Kibaki has been one of the longest serving politicians in the country.
Before he became president he served in government in various capacities since independence.
Kibaki today visited his sisters in their rural home.

Kenyans were surprised that they live a simple life despite their brother being a powerful figure in government for a long time.

Being presidents sisters Kenyans expected them to be living lavish lifestyles with big houses and big cars but that’s not the case. They live in simple structures back in the village.
Kibaki took time off retirement to spend time with his siblings.

Here are reactions from Kenyans.

“The only thing I noticed from former president Mwai Kibaki‘s visit to her sister for Christmas is how poor her sister is. Yet some idiots are still singing how their tribes mate must be president hoping it will make them richer.” 

Kibaki’s story

Now, many Kenyans know that president Kibaki is an economist and matters development are close to his heart but what they do not know is that he underwent a lot of challenges in his childhood; his enrollment to school was necessitated by a government order that required each household to surrender one male child.

It is a story of inspiration that president Mwai Kibaki came from a very humble background to become the president of Kenya. Ktn’s Carol Nderi spoke to some of Mwai Kibaki’s siblings in Othaya and brings us the following story.

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  1. Mchumi says

    You nailed it. “Idiots” is the right word to use.

  2. Erick Kinyua says

    Wueh…this is not very awesome!!!!

  3. Dr says

    I thank God that I am not a sinister politician whose mind is to rob the poor to supposedly enrich his royal family and forget his relatives. They are cursed forever. It is sad that he miserably failed to recognise his siblings. He should even have donated one of the several houses in his possession. It is so sad. We need mpesa number to assist those sisters as concerned citizens.

    1. wilson masai says

      when do rutos brother passed on what did you notice during his burial? was there a sign that he was dps brother?

  4. Isaac says

    Sad reality…it’s a shame

  5. Ole Ladama says

    Kibaki is a typical Kiuk. For me and my stomach. Let the sister serve him some githeri.

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