Kenyan rapper Bamboo’s marriage: Beneath smiling faces lies dark past


Kenyan rapper Bamboo’s marriage: Beneath smiling faces lies dark past
Kenyan rapper Bamboo recently got married to the love of his life Erica Mukisa in a lavish wedding in Nairobi but beneath their smiling faces lies a dark past.

Mukisa, who hails from Uganda and has since got born again, revealed how she struggled with witchcraft and sorcery at an early age.

Through her book, A Story of Hell, Witchcraft and Family: Erica Part One, Seven Years in Hell, Erica reveals how her grandmother introduced her to the dark powers of the underworld and how she shared a bed with snakes.

“Because of the ‘love’ my grandmother had for me, she always insisted that we share a bed and my parents had no problem with it.

“She would cut bits of my hair and nails…at night as we slept, snakes would come and share a bed with us. At first I was afraid but she told me they were just ‘visitors’,” she writes.

Adding: “Her bedroom always had a snake.”

Mukisa also recalls instances when her grandmother would go to graveyards and speak to spirits of the dead and after a series of cultic rituals, she (Mukisa) had powers to move out of her body and interact with her ancestors.

Over time, her body became weary and she often fell sick.

She also speaks of seeing a ‘tree’ that she later learnt was their family tree.

“Every human being has a family tree. I was attached to an evil family tree by my grandmother.

“But after deliverance, I was cut off from that evil tree and reattached to the family tree of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” she says.

Mukisa and her husband Bamboo are currently on honeymoon and the latter recently expressed his delight at getting married by saying: “Can words explain how I feel right now? All I can say is, when Jesus says he will do something for you, he does it. He does not lie. Will be posting more pics over the next few days. God is faithful.”


Kenyan rapper Bamboo’s marriage: Beneath smiling faces lies dark past

Source The Standard Newspaper

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