VIDEO: Ben Githae admits that he was unfaithful to his wife


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Celebrated Kenyan gospel musician Ben Githae has admitted that he cheated.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, Githae confessed that he strayed out of wedlock and fathered twins with a 31-year-old woman.

Githae claimed that he cannot put a finger on the year he started the relationship with Margaret Wanjiru but let it out that the affair brought friction between him and his wife.

“Kusema ati nilitoka nje ya ndoa ni mwaka gani, siwezi nikasema ni huu mwaka au ni ule mwingine. Lakini wacha niseme nilitoka, niliteleza.

“Acha tu niconfess ilikua ni msukumo wa tabia mbaya… Uhusiano wangu na mke wangu kuna mahali ilitingika kidogo kwa sababu ya hizo mambo kutokea”said Githae.

The ‘Tabia Mbaya’ hitmaker claimed that there was ‘threats and intimidation’ before Wanjiru went public.

 “Kumekua na huo msukumano mpaka ifike hapo ilikua kwa miaka, si kwa miezi. Mke wangu alijua kitambo na ikaleta ma issues at family level. Ilipoleta ma issues zingine tulitatua, zingine tukakaa na zingine tukaamua kuishi nayo.

“Baby mama alipotokea public but kulikua na threats na zile tunaweza sema intimidation…. Baadae hizo threats zikawa implemented na ndipo sasa na nyinyi mkajua,” added Githae.

Margaret Wanjiru [Photo: Courtesy]

According to Wanjiru, the two had a relationship that lasted for five years.

The mother of three told Tuko that he disowned her when she got pregnant in 2016 but later made a U-turn when she threatened legal action.

She claims that Githae supported the twins until 2018.

“I refused to get an abortion, he then sent people to kill me, and they beat me up until I was admitted at the hospital,”

“I got scared and felt Githae would one day kill me, so I opened up to my mom who did not know I was pregnant. I told her if they ever find me dead, they should know whom to blame.

“When the thugs attacked me, I recorded a statement at Kasarani Police station but my mother told me I should do away with the case so we don’t tarnish his name since he is a celebrity,” she told Tuko.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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