Canada’s Prime Minister begs Kenya President for one million immigrants

Justin Trudeau and Uhuru Kenyatta

A message circulating on Whatsapp and other social media platforms claim that the Prime Minister of Canada,Justin Trudeau is begging the Kenyan president,Uhuru Kenyatta for one million immigrants. Here below is the message carried by

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has pleaded with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, to allow one million Kenyans enter Canada under a new Employment and Migration Programme designed for immigrants.

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According to Trudeau, immigrants from Kenya have been a strong force in Canada’s growth in all sectors of its economy.

“We can’t undermine or overlook the contribution of immigrants in Canada’s development especially our brothers and sisters from Kenya”, Trudeau said.

The PM added that, over the past three years, Canada has granted residency to all Kenyans who were illegally living in Canada and applied to remain. “We granted them and urging everyone to apply. It’s good we document everyone to know how many people we are to cater for”, he said.

In a memo sent to the Kenya Embassy in Canada, the Employment and Migration Programme will allow Kenyans wishing to live in Canada to first obtain job before traveling to the country.

“The programme’s website will be launched next week and all available jobs will be listed. Currently there are over 6 million vacancies and we are hoping that Kenyatta allows at least one million people from Kenya”, a spokesperson for the Canadian Labour Department, Shadrack Scott said.

  1. Hellen wambui kagio says

    I want it..may God bless canada

  2. Hellen wambui kagio says

    My dream country..if i can get that chancei will b appreaciate..and workinghand..may God bless yu p m

  3. Hellen wambui kagio says dream country..if i get that chance i will b appreaciate and humbleb..may God bless you pm

  4. Martin Gatheca Aleri says

    l l’m Martin from Nakuru.l’m 23yrs old l could like to hav opportunity of any work in canada

  5. Givens says

    Woow I love it wish I could get a chance to achieve my dream

  6. Martin Irungu says

    I like the idea and if given a chance I would appreciate. How do I apply

  7. Emily Omwoma says

    My name is Emily Omwoma, i will really appreciate to live and work in canada it is a good place

  8. suleiman dosho says

    count me in among the 1m

  9. Kaboom says

    I cant wait to be miguna migunas neighbour

  10. Nancy Wambui Macharia says

    Nancy wambui.
    Hello! Woow! I would very much want to work there, that has been my dream and hope it will come soon…
    Kindly consider me, thank you.

  11. Steve says

    I would love to leave and work there,

  12. Frida says

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to work in Canada

  13. Michael Ndiritu wandeto says

    This article really helps

  14. Christine Githinji says

    Hallo, please give us the go ahead on how to apply for those opportunities, I would like to work and live in Canada.
    Thank you.

  15. Maurine chepchumba kapkiay says

    How can i apply amazing Canada is my dream country and am ready to work and stay in canada

  16. Oliver K. Gaye says

    I like that, your idea is very appreciative

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