Ann Kanario: Slain KEMU student’s parents speak on her brutal death


The parents of KEMU student, Ann Kanario, who was allegedly killed by her ex-lover, say their daughter hadn’t introduced any man to them as her partner.

The revelations come just a day after Kanario’s body was found lying in a pool of blood as that of his ex-lover, Obed Nyaga Njagi, was discovered dangling from a bathroom roof in Kanario’s rented house.

The incident happened a few meters from KEMU main campus in Kithoka Sub-Location, Imenti North Sub-County, Meru County.

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And Kanario’s parents now say their daughter was a “promising” girl, who was “humble” and “focused in life”.

Speaking to EDAILY at their home in Kieiya Village in Kangeta, Igembe Central Sub-County on Tuesday, the deceased woman’s parents said their daughter hadn’t introduced any man – including Njagi – to them as her partner.

The second born in a family of three siblings (all girls), was her father’s favourite.

The dad, Isaac Kaura, said their daughter had left home for Imenti North last Thursday as she prepared to relocate from her rented house, given she had gotten internship in the banking sector in Nairobi.

“Ann said she was going to collect her belongings and, thereafter, travel to Nairobi, where she was slated to begin her internship this week. Her mother sent her money on Friday 8:30am. However, at 12 noon (Friday), her phone was switched off. We thought maybe she needed time alone as she planned her journey,” said Kaura.

“We were shocked to learn about her death. Her elder sister was the one who informed us about Ann’s death. She called us on phone while crying and broke the heartbreaking news to us. I never imagined my daughter would die in such a brutal manner,” said Kaura.

The parent, who is a secondary school teacher, said Ann hadn’t mentioned to any of them that she had, or previously had, a boyfriend.

“She was an independent-minded girl. Ann couldn’t hide [from us] anything she felt was of interest to her and us. We don’t understand what led to her killing. She had no challenges, whatsoever, in the lifestyle she lived,” said Kaura.

Ann’s mother, Nkirote Kaura, who is a businesswoman in Imenti North, recalls communicating with her daughter on Friday morning.

Nkirote says her daughter told her she would, later in the day, travel to Nairobi to check where her internship station is located.

“After sending her money early Friday, we couldn’t get hold of her on phone. Her death is a big loss to us,” said Nkirote.

As Ann’s family continues to seek answers as to why their kin had to die in such a cruel manner, the deceased’s close friend has lifted the lid on a possible reason why Ann was killed.

The pal, who spoke to EDAILY on condition of anonymity, hinted at aborted love as one of the possible reasons the man at the center of the murder-suicide committed the crimes.

The slain student’s friend says Njagi was Ann’s ex-boyfriend, whom she ended her relationship with a few months ago.

“Ann dated Njagi, a resident of Runyenjes, for quite some time in the past. However, things did not work out between them, prompting their break up a few months ago,” the deceased’s friend said.

“When they were dating, Ann introduced the man to me. He would often visit us at KEMU,” said the informant.

“They had stopped communicating, and when news broke that Ann’s body was found alongside his in her rented house, I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine he would kill her, then take his own life.

“When they were dating, he portrayed elements of jealousy, and most likely he couldn’t stomach the fact that Ann had moved on from him,” said the friend.

Ann had just returned from home as she prepared to begin her internship in the banking sector in Nairobi.

It is alleged that Njagi convinced her into allowing him into her rented house.

Unfortunately, her attempts at convincing her to get back together with him backfired, prompting the man to attack her before killing himself.

The last time Ann was spotted by neighbours was last Thursday as she went to buy vegetables at a nearby grocery. It is on the same day that she had travelled from her parents’ home in Kangeta.

On Monday, May 6 her naked body was found lying in a pool of blood. Her thigh had a stab wound and her neck had scratches indicating she was strangled.

Njagi’s body, on the other hand, was found hanging from the roof of the bathroom with a deep stab wound on his left thigh.

Police moved their bodies to Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary.

Ann had just completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration, and was set to begin her internship this week.

Njagi, on the other hand, was a Third Year Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Security Studies) student at Chuka University.



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