Confirmed: United States Military says UFOs are real!


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Confirmed: United States Military says UFOs are real!
Confirmed: United States Military says UFOs are real!Have you ever wondered whether Unidentified Flying Objects are real? Doubt no more! It has now been confirmed that these mysterious sittings of ‘things’ are real. For many years many people have viewed talk on UFOs as crazy conspiracies that are entertained by bored and mystical people who have nothing better to do but spend time in the nothingness of Arizona and New Mexico deserts, wishing some creatures from out of this world would come and whisk them away into the utopia of Mars, Uranus, or transfer them into the inter galactic star wars epics far beyond time and space.

Drive through I-10 from San Antonio Texas and head west towards El Paso. After leaving the suburbs of San Antonio you find nothing but brushes that reminds me of the drive from Mtito Andei towards Voi during the hot and dry season. The difference is that the drive in West Texas has several rest areas where tired truck drivers and motorists like me can stop and take a nap. They have rest rooms that are clean and tidied, and yes, toilet paper, toilet sits and soap.

However, it is important to be careful driving on I-10. About 80 miles before the vast town of El Paso, United States border patrol has a station. They stop all motorists to enquire whether one is a US citizen. I guess State of Texas is aware of all kinds of Aliens trying to enter the US from space and mainly southern border. Therefore if you come from space and did not get a valid visa or paperwork allowing you to be in Texas, avoid that route all together and approach El Paso from I – 20 or I – 25 if you are driving from the North. But like all American agents, they are polite and would smile and joke with you before locking you up! Americans.

The best time to pass through El Paso is at night. As you approach the town from the hillside of I-10 going west, right there in the middle of the desert is the vast town of El Paso! Incredible displays of human ingenuity as the lights appear over the horizon and they extend as far as the eyes can see. This must be the marvel that attracts the UFOs and their pilots. The entry into New Mexico is non eventful. The State along I – 10 is bare with nothing to show but small and insignificant truck stops. My stop is in the town of Deming where they have a star bucks coffee shop and although I prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee, a latte comes in handy after driving straight shot from San Atonio trying to make it to Tucson Arizona. The latte went down well with Sunbelt Granola bars I bought for two quarters at the shop!

It is in New Mexico that one begins to see signs of “WHAT IS IT?” And “THE THING”. You can see why most sightings of UFOs have been in both New Mexico and Arizona. After driving through the night in the desert heat, you can begin to talk to yourself and your imagination can go wild and you begin to revisit the movie ‘independence day’ and Will Smith punching an alien after crashing in the Arizona or New Mexico desert. I kept wondering whether I would encounter some alien walking along the 1-10 hitch hiking after ditching their alien craft. The signs on the road that tells motorists not to pick anyone walking along the road enhanced these thoughts.

Confirmed: United States Military says UFOs are real!

The sight of a border patrol Chevy truck cruising along my vehicle made me suspicious. May be it is true! Aliens do land in New Mexico and Arizona! By the time I arrive in the town of Tucson, my mind wonders. Then in the evening as I doze off I turn on Tucker Carlson on Fox News channel and there it is! A navy pilot is talking about a recent encounter he had with an Alien Ship. He confirms that he did report it to his superiors and that pentagon is investigating. I also hear that former Navada senator Harry Reid had funded a task force in the military to study Aliens. The Navy pilot sounded legit and his video makes it even more feasible that there are aliens ship that were hovering over water, “They hovered and then speed off with speeds that a human being cannot duplicate.” He says convincingly.

The next morning, I go back to reason and as a Philosophical theologian and priest, I go back to my study of apologetics (the defense of all truth). I realize that the Navy pilot and the United States military might have sighted an alien ship. But I am not bothered by anything that goes beyond human understanding. In fact UFOs might be true. But this does not delegitimize my faith in Yesu Kristo.

The reason is because, St. Paul acknowledged the existence of these things and wrote, “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, VISIBLE and INVISIBLE, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.” Colossians 1:16

On this WORD I lay down my Alien Anxiety to rest on the words of a hymn written by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius “. . . Be still my soul; thy God doth undertake to guide the future as he has the past. Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake; all now MYSTERIOUS shall be bright at last.” The believer shouts, “AMEN.”

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates


Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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