VIDEO: Raila and Ruto meet at State House after bitter exchange


Raila and Ruto meet at State House: Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga traded brickbats in separate occasions which trended on social media platforms.

Two days later the two came face to face at State House in Nairobi when President Uhuru yesterday hosted South Sudan President Salva Kiir.
Over the weekend, ODM leader Raila Odinga had criticised Deputy President William Ruto in his home turf over generous church donations. Raila also talked about the Aror and Kimwarer dams scandal whose cost he claimed was grossly inflated.
“There are those who are everywhere every Sunday. You can’t just carry money every Sunday to donate to churches. You must start by confessing and telling the church the truth about the source of money,” said Raila in a broadside aimed at Ruto.

On Sunday Ruto hit back. Speaking in Nairobi where he presided over a church funds drive he vowed to shoot down a bill backed by ODM chairman John Mbadi seen as a response to frequent harambees by the DP.
“We do not give because we have, but we have because we give. If you read the Bible it tells us that if you give you shall receive and that you shall receive according to the measure that you give,” Ruto said at PCEA St Lukes in Mihang’o, Nairobi where referred to Raila as the Lord of Poverty, accusing him of riding on the plight of the poor for political support,
Early last week, eleven ODM MPs warned fellow lawmakers opposed to the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and party leader Raila Odinga to stop undermining the two leaders.
The MPs vowed that they will not allow fellow MPs to pour cold water on the peace deal struck between the President and Raila.
They said Kenyans do not want to witness the country slide into anarchy because of politics in 2022.

In his speech during the dinner, President Uhuru expressed satisfaction that South Sudan has prioritized the search for a sustainable political solution to the conflicts that have plagued Kenya’s northern neighbour for a long time.
“Eminent African and global leaders have pledged their support for South Sudan’s quest for sustained peace, including His Holiness Pope Francis; an indicator of the deep continental and global desire to see a united, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan,” the President said.
“We are fortunate that the South Sudan of today has bold and dynamic sons and daughters, such as Your Excellency, who have requisite vision and stature that allows them to bring together all sections of South Sudanese society into the common fold,” President Uhuru told President Kiir.

By Brian Ukaya

Kenya News: When Uhuru, Ruto and Raila Met at State House

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