VIDEO: Gospel singer Jimmy Gait Rubbishes Throat Cancer Rumours


VIDEO: Gospel singer Jimmy Gait Rubbishes Throat Cancer Rumours: Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has not been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Gait who asked his fans to keep him in their prayers has rubbished the claims, indicating that he is still awaiting test results.

The Muhathara singer, who is in India seeking treatment for a throat condition, cautioned those peddling cancer rumours against spreading fake news.

“I would like to highlight something that I have noticed on social media, that I have come here (India) for cancer treatment and that I have throat cancer. I don’t know where that came from.

I would like appeal to those spreading those kinds of rumours to kindly desist because we are still doing tests and until the results are out, it’s not right to start spreading those kinds of rumours. It is already affecting my family,” he said.

“I’m waiting for the results and I am trusting God that I will get a good report,” the gospel singer continued.

He promised to keep his fans updated as and when the test results are out.

“It’s not easy what I’m going through but I trust and believe that God will come through for me,” Gait stated.

Jimmy Gait has been away from the public limelight and according to reports, has been battling the throat condition for three months now.

He left for India last week.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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  1. Artist Lydia rono says

    May lord see yu through this ,devil is a lie ,just remind lord of all your good deeds yu deed in his name ,and lord is faithful he will heal yu ,remember Hezekiah ,he remaind lord of his deeds and he was healed, remember dorcas ,pple remaind lord of her deeds and lord raised her from death ,lord fight for you ,waiting for good reports in Jesus name

  2. Jane R Nyaga says

    Our God is the great physician and a healer. With Him you are in His good hands. May you be healed in Jesus Name.

  3. Anne Muriithi says

    Jimmy Gates am.praying for you bro…..may the God who brought you out of Mhadhara akutoe kwa hii Hali in Jesus Name

  4. Paul Siah says

    I have come across your situation before and for sure I wish you had met me earlier. Endoscopy is a very painful procedure and you are very brave. Jimmy Gaits I have treated this kind of complication before successfully just here in Kenya and at no cost at all. Please after you get your results consult me immediately. I am very easy to find.
    Whoever is reading this message please ensure I get to connect with Jimmy and surely God always has answers in the very simplest places we ignore. I am looking forwards to hearing from you.
    facebook: el polo
    email: [email protected]

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