VIDEO: Living on the Wild Side- Living La Vida Loca Part 1


VIDEO: Living on the Wild Side- Living La Vida Loca: If you are familiar with the lyrics of Ricky Martin’s song, Living’ La Vida Loca/ ‘Living the wild (crazy) life.’ then you will understand the theme of this message.  Many of the people who lived during the time when Samson was a Judge in Israel were Living the Vida Loca – the wild life. The Bible says that “Everybody did what was right in their own eye” 

Those days are very similar to today.  Many claim that “Truth is relative and that it all depends on the person.  Man is the ultimate decider. He is the measure of all things and all religions are basically the same for they all lead to heaven.” Wrong!  Man is not the measure of all things.

By Pastor Dr. Joe Onesimus

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