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List: 10 properties Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu owns worth Sh9 million

List: 10 properties Cohen's widow Sarah Wairimu owns worth Sh9 millionList: 10 properties Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu owns worth Sh9 million: Dutch businessman Tob Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu, has at least 10 properties worth more than Sh9 million.

She listed the properties as part of the requirements by the court to prove she will be able to sustain herself after being released on bail.

Wairimu is not allowed to set foot on the Sh400 million Kitisuru property she is fighting to acquire following her estranged husband’s demise.

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Accoring to a will Wairimu disputes, she was left nothing out of Cohen’s estate. 

Wairimu was on Friday granted bail after filing an affidavit stating she is able to sustain herself.

She said she has been working all her adult life, during which period she has accumulated savings which she is able to utilise to sustain herself.

“I have similarly acquired the following property, which I hold in my name in certain instances, and jointly with my friends and family in other instances,” she said.

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The properties she listed below:

• Mahiga/ Kihome/ 1033 worth Sh1 million

• Mahiga/ Kihome/ 1705  worth Sh1.6 million

• KJD/Ntashart/ 9072 worth Sh300,000, jointly owned with Renee Gathoni.

• Kajiado/ Kitengela/13364 worth Sh2.5 million

• KJD/Ntashart/ 10917  worth Sh259,000

• Dundori/ Mugwathi Block 1/322  worth Sh4 million

• Kibwezi Mukaange Settlement scheme P /NO 2271 worth Sh595,000

• Dundori/ Mugwathi Block 1/351, Dundori/ Mugwathi Block 1/2822 and Nyeri/ Municipality Block, whose value was not stated.

Should it become necessary to dispose any of the said properties to supplement her savings, the properties are available for sale, Wairimu said.

Wairimu has also stated that she has family and friends, including one Mama Lucy Mwangi who has agreed to accommodate her at her house during the the trial.

Sarah has been granted Sh4 million bond and two sureties, with the alternative of Sh2 million bail.

Justice Stella Mutuku on Friday ordered that Wairimu should not contact Cohen’s two siblings following her release.

Wairimu was also ordered not go near the business Tob Ltd.

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