You do not need to be a millionaire to own property in Kenya

You do not need to be a millionaire to own property in Kenya
Fungua Decade na Optiven

One veritable fact – Kenyans have an unequaled zeal, positive mental attitude and power to focus on their future, no matter the purchasing power.

We are now seeing more of this enthusiasm as we encourage Kenyans to plan for the next ten years, that is, year 2020 and beyond. Here at Optiven, we are also given Kenyans a real action plan for you to strategize for your entire new decade under our #FunguaDecadeNaOptiven initiative.

We are urging you to move fast and set a foundation for the next ten years. As the adage goes time wait for no king. It is thus imperative for you to write your investment vision, and Optiven is giving you a rich array of options. You only need to tap into your inheritance today by joining the inspired and motivated Optiven family.

We are enabling hundreds of Kenyans by giving them extremely friendly Installment payment plans and once they finish, we inspire them to build. So far, many Kenyan have already built their dream homes across our projects such as Victory Gardens (Have a look at Victory Gardens:, Amani Ridge the Place of Peace, Garden of Joy

And indeed, there are many testimonials of our clients who even started off with minimal amounts but ended up owning their dream homes, courtesy of our friendly payment plan (Check this Video:

This encourages us a lot since it is in line with Optiven’s Vision of economically and socially empowering and Transforming the society. Our aim has never and will never be about monetary gain more than it is to see the positive transformation on those whom we touched, especially through real estate.

Indeed, a journey of two thousand miles starts with a single step.

Get in touch with us today. We have hundreds of valuable surprise gifts specially for those paying deposits and those redeeming.


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