Irresponsibility: Ambulance stops at petrol station with patient on board


Irresponsibility: Ambulance stops at petrol station with patient on board

An ambulance driver in Lamu County found himself in trouble after he stopped at a petrol station to fuel.

This sparked outrage from the public who saw a patient inside the ambulance.“We have a patient inside an ambulance which is not fueled. Why are they fueling it now?

“The patient can die. This is irresponsibility of the highest order,” said a witness in a video that was shared online.

Lamu County Health Executive Anne Gathoni strongly condemned the occurrence saying ambulances always have standby fuel for emergencies but the driver in question could not account for it.

“Attention is drawn to information on social media platforms in regard to an ambulance with a patient on board at a petrol station…The county department of health has fuel for ambulance services.

“The Ambulance is issued with standby fuel for any emergency that may arise. Ambulance drivers are expected to uphold themselves with high levels of discipline, which include the manner of emergency response and patient handling,” she said.

Adding: “As such, stern disciplinary action is being taken against the concerned driver, who could not account for the standby fuel, and ended up creating a scenario at the petrol station, with a patient on board. High level of accountability is expected of ambulance drivers.

“The driver is hereby withdrawn from ambulance services with immediate effect.”

By Vincent Kejitan

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