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Corona Virus: The End of Time or The Tower of Babel?

Corona Virus: The End of Time or The Tower of Babel?

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Dr. Teddy Kamau

Every time there is a national disaster, apostles, prophets, pastors and all manner of Christian leaders predict that it is the end of TIME. Recently, if you listened to preaching by many, the locust problem in Africa is now being presented as the precursor to the biblical end of time.

Those who hold these views quote scripture, especially those passages that relate to the second coming of Christ. The main passage that presents the foundation for those who prophesy regarding the end of times is the gospel of Mathew, with specific reference to chapter 24:Iff

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After Christ laid out those events to look for at the end of Time, His disciples asked, “when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” verse 3. Jesus mentioned tribulations, including but not limited to earthquakes.

But after laying down the signs said, “For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” verse 27. Many would be prophets and predictors of the end of time also look to the Old Testament, especially the book of Daniel and Ezekiel.

However, many do not like to behold the arguments of St. Paul whom was appointed by Christ to lay the manual for the conduct of the Church. Paul believed that he will see the tribulations and experience the taking away of believers, “Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed” 1st Corinthians 15. 51.

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There are two things to take from this introduction: 1. After Christ presents the things to look for at the end of Time, he uses the example of lightning. 2. St. Paul includes himself in the “we” who will be transformed in a twinkling of an eye. It is not easy to capture lightning.

Those photographers who chase lightning use very sophisticated lenses. We brink (twinkle) our eyes in a flash. In fact you have blinked so many times without thinking about it since you started reading this paper. The principle of interpretation (hermeneutics) of scripture requires that scripture interpret scripture.

Therefore we cannot take these verses outside of other verses. Jesus also spoke about coming like a thief in the night. And he also told his disciples that he did not know the time, or day when the son of Man will return. He said that only His Father knows! Paul also referred to the coming of Christ as a Mystery.

We therefore have to reconcile between all those scriptures that speak about the second coming of Christ. My favorite is where it is said that two people will be walking and one will be taken and the other will remain. See Mathew 24:40

We can hermeneutically conclude that Christ is coming back according to scripture. Also that before he returns there will be tribulations. Man cannot predict his coming. That it will be quick, fast, and mysterious.

Also that even though St. Paul counted himself as a beholder of the signs unto the end of Time, he slept and therefore his statement should not be understood outside of all other scriptures that speak about the end of Time and the events that lead to that Time. It is here that I like to tap into the whole spectrum of Divine Revelation.

He, through him and for Him, created all things in heaven and earth meaning Christ. Colossians 1:15-21. Given that therefore, we must withdraw ourselves from thinking about scripture outside of the throne of God from where it emanates. If you love

astrology as I do, then you will realize that once we move from the earth, we begin to calculate time using a completely different formula. This formula helps us to relate the astronomical distance of the galaxies to our finite mind. For example, the sun that we behold every day of our lives looks like it is 200 miles away. While in reality the sun is 96.92 Million miles. And the closest star would take us 81,000 years to transverse through the 4.24 light years: we know that light travels at 299,992 kilometers per second. Do the math!

With that kind of relationship between what we call time, (kilometers, miles, day and night, distance) on earth, and what God has created, we can conclude that our time has no relationship to the timing of God. Even the use of the word timing is inapplicable. It is true that God speaks to us in language relative to our language otherwise His WORD would have no meaning.

However, Jesus said that a thousand years is like one day to the Lord. It is for this reason that we cannot relate an event on earth to the coming of Christ outside of the wider understanding of our God. God does not live in the same time zone as we do or approach one event with the perspective of our 100 years lifespan.

Rather, he is outside of TIME and he is neither within nor outside of our time. His existence is not measured by our concept of time, rather, He is within eternity which is neither, nor! Remember He created time and cannot be within time given that He created it!

These current events therefore need not be used by my brothers, the witnesses of Christ, to point to the God’s eternal event of the second coming of Christ. They should be understood within our insignificant time comparative to the Eternal God. When I was growing up in Kijabe, Kenya, we used to have locusts invade our area. Yet, the end of time has not come. We did not panic, rather, we used the locusts to supplement our need of nutrition: They tasted great with Ugali.

As to the Corona virus, I see it more within the perspective of the tower of babel. The Bible says that God saw that mankind was coming together and he purposely disrupted that global theory. Therefore, it seems to me that God is biblically speaking against globalism. From the tower of babel, through the restriction of Israelites from marrying outside of their nationalism, to the warning by St. Paul that Christians should marry only Christians, the bible restricts ‘equal yoke’ theory.

With this in mind, the relationship between western Countries, which have a historical affiliation with Judeo-Christian tradition, and China, which has no concept of the Personal God of the Bible, is against scripture. Nations have become unequally yoked and to this end they have continued to suffer the consequences of this relationship. Why is it that all the viruses in the last 20 years have come from China? My question is this, “what does darkness have to do with light?”

It is not outside of biblical norm to conclude that the Corona virus is indeed the modern Tower of Babel. God has seen that His people are coming together under the forces of darkness. That this yoke will move towards adopting China’s amoral philosophy and atheistic theories.

And given that the mystery of Christ’s second coming has not been fulfilled, he must take his people back to worshiping him within nationalism. The tower of babel could have moved the world away from the fulfillment of the messiah. Therefore

the Lord brought it down. The new babel of globalism under China’s industrial philosophy could have done the same in the present day. Therefore God has brought it down. Will the end then come? This question must be answered with another question, “Did the Tower of Babel bring forth the end of times?”

The end will come like a thief in the night. If you can predict a thief in the night, then you are far informed than I am. No one knows when the signs are the final signs, but our God. The call to the believer is to be ready for we do not know the day when the trumpet will sound. Note: Like, Paul I said, we because it could be . . . we!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates

Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


Corona Virus: The End of Time or The Tower of Babel?

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