The Lame Man Perspective: When The World Came To A Stop


The Lame Man Perspective: When The World Came To A Stop
The Lame Man Perspective: When The World Came To A StopToday we observe Good Friday at a time when the whole world’s systems have

come to a halt. Good Friday is when christians commemorate the crucifixion of


As a layman I can’t help but wonder, “ what is good about hanging one on a

cross ?” But I will leave that to theologians and “googlers”. One thing that I know

is, whether you believe in Christ being the Son of God and the only savior of the

world. He has influenced our civilization like no other has and ever will. We often

refer to timelines as B.C. and A.D.

Talking of civilization, man has been able to create a system that has made life

easy, convenient and independent. We have evolved from discovering fire,

caveman tools, cars, planes to robotics to AI. All these are great and have made

mass production possible and definitely the key players in this civilization have

been able to accumulate exponential wealth.


These systems have come to a halt due to a virus and most of us are in

quarantine unless you offer essential services. Also note essential is relative

depending on how advanced your area is. Now we have to face our selves and

the people we love and live with. This is because all the things like work,

bars,clubs,schools,sports, politics, churches and just full calendars that keep us

away from ourselves have been closed. God forbid the internet goes off and we

have to be fully present to ourselves. This quarantine gives us a once in a

lifetime opportunity to look in the mirror or selfie camera and ask why we do what

we do and since we don’t have to be anywhere later, ask the why question

exhaustively with the curiosity of a child. This will bring us to the place of

understanding ourselves and our purpose.

Hopefully that quest to understand yourself and your mission will split your life

into two; life B.C. ( Before Corona) and life A.D. ( After the Disease). As much

as many hope and pray that we get back to normal quickly. I submit to you that

we will never have “normal “as we knew it. I also dare to ponder that maybe the

normal we had wasn’t in the best interest for humanity. Why gain the whole world

and lose your soul ?

In America normal was more profit centric than people centric. As they say

numbers don’t lie; If you look at the CARES ACT, the federal government is

putting its money where its mouth is; In corporations. Normal Before

Corona,”was to get rich or die trying.” It sounds good but this corona pause gives

us the opportunity to count the cost.

At the beginning of civilization we invented tools and systems to make work

easier and life comfortable. But it seems like we have fallen victims to civilization.

We have become tools to the very systems that were meant to serve humanity.

Government will make sure that corporations are funded to keep us employed

and give us a check so we can spend to keep the economy going. Big

Pharmaceutical companies, big banks and insurance companies have been

deemed too big to fail .Who is serving who ? That’s a question for us to answer

as individuals. President Trump has repeatedly quipped that America wasn’t

meant to stop. Hopefully, during this stop ???? by the “invisible” enemy, we get to

be still and know that Christ is Lord.


Governments and corporations will invest and give incentives to get back to the

normal that works best for their agenda. I pray that every individual will have an

AD ( After the Disease. )agenda as well.

As humans, we often identify in groups. Be it family, gender,career, tribe, religion,

nationality or just homeboys and homegirls. Hopefully we get to have our own

self quarantine from the social distance and ask ourselves the questions; who am

I ? And why am I still here ? My prayer is at that precipice you see the open arms

of Christ wide open smiling at you like you are the only one He created telling

you that you are my chosen child and I loved you enough to die for you. Accept

His love, love yourself like He loves you by making choices that feed your soul

and love others from a place of overflow.

(Mathew 27:46)

JVChrist had a moment of desperation as well. I can only imagine Him facing His

death and asking ,Why? But we can rest in the wisdom of our Father for he

planned from the beginning to the end and he saw it was good then he began.

He doesn’t change plans midair. We can trust Him. Christ’s death was to conquer

death. He died and rose again and now it makes sense to consider a day that

Christ was crucified, Good Friday. I once read a book;” don’t sweat the small

stuff, they are small. “ In the book the writer advises, in the face of a big

challenge just accept the worst outcome and work yourself out of it. For any

human being, I would imagine the biggest fear is death. I encourage you to

accept death and move on with life. This can be done knowing that life and death

is in the hands of God and if you die in Christ you will rise again because he

conquered death.

For those of us who think the marketplace can’t work without them. Now we

know there are essentials and non essentials and they are all relative.

I hope your life A.D. will be different from B.C.

Happy Easter.

I am not a lame man. I am just a layman with a perspective.

By Kibiru Mugechi

The Lame Man Perspective: When The World Came To A Stop.

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