Kenyan Lady In Germany Stunned Many With Design-Face mask

Kenyan Lady In Germany Stunned Many With Design-Face mask

A fashionista by nature with a knack for good things, Koko Kay, a Kenyan lady based in Frankfurt – Germany has carved herself a market share that was saturated with a simple and disposable facemask design to ward off the Coronavirus causing havoc worldwide.

Soon after it became necessary for the public to wear a mask to block the transmission of particle droplets of the Covid-19 early this year Koko stunned many with her design of the protective masks with aesthetic appeal.

Ms Koko, a financial expert by profession took advantage of the partial-lockdown at work in Frankfurt to embark of sewing fashionable facemasks from cotton fabric. With her knowledge and dexterity on the sewing machine acquired in Home Science in school, she can produce 80 pieces of different classic designs a day.

To meet the surging demand her family members living in Holland with a similar endowment joined in recently to boost production and supply to various parts of Europe and beyond online.

Unlike many other facemasks, the Ten Covidmasks as Koko’s trademark reads is 1 – 4 layers of carefully selected cotton fabrics for men and women and children of different age groups. They are reusable after washing, making them economical and preferable.

Even though the pandemic came with a windfall Koko prays that it ends as quickly as it came.


Mickie Ojijo


Kenyan Lady In Germany Stunned Many With Design-Face mask

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