Frankie and Maureen Waititu agreed to break up for the sake of their boys


Frankie and Maureen Waititu agreed to break up for the sake of their boys

Relationships are hard. Matter of fact, very hard and if you think otherwise then I can assure you that you have not fully invested your heart and time in your partner.

Anyway Frankie Just gym It who was popularly known for his ‘goals’ family shoots; with Maureen Waititu and their boys has opened up sharing his side of the story while on an interview with Edgar Obare.

Well, all we know is that the power couple broke up without any explanation; leaving fans depressed while others concluded that Frankie was the bad guy.

In December last year, Corazon was accused of having a hand in the break up; but thanks to Frankie, we now understand that Corazon had nothing to do with that.

We met last year in July and we were going through tough times. We were from relationships and it was a sensitive time. We started talking and one day I sent her gym clothes from my brand ‘GYMIT’ so that she could try out…we had so much in common that things just like catapulted into something else.

Frankie’s side of the story

Speaking about his break up with Ms Waititu; Frankie went on to shield Corazon saying she had nothing to do with whatever happened between him and ex wife. According to the fella most fans saw what they (Frankie and Maureen) wanted them to see.

However behind closed doors things were totally out of hand. He went on to reveal that both him and Maureen agreed to the break up for the sake of the mental health for their boys.

We met after I and Maureen broke up and had nothing to with it. It’s just something we never planned we just fell into it. We had our differences and it’s something we tried to fix through our whole relationship. We were not happy and we figured it was best for us to go separate ways and the general public doesn’t see that.

well there you have it!

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