Garden Of Joy Access Road Now Fully Completed

Garden Of Joy Access Road Now Fully Completed

Here is some good news: The 1.2 KM entry from the tarmac to the Garden of Joy is now fully done.

We are pleased that all those who are building their homes at Garden of Joy can now easily access their properties as the road is now well done.

Optiven engineers are now geared towards installing a water, gate finalization and the grounds team is replacing trees that had signs of not growing as fast as expected.

We also have good news as Optiven Construction is all set to offer you concrete poles, cabro, support poles, culverts among other concrete solutions (

We are also ready to support those who want to build as Optiven has set up Optiven Homes ( All you need is to talk to Doreen Kanguha (Phone: 0703 450 450 or E-mail: [email protected]) for more information and advice on this.

We thank all our customers who bought this excellent value added property.

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300
Email: [email protected]
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