Kenya Gov’t should arrest Agents and recruiters of false Middle-East  Jobs.

Kenya Gov’t should arrest Agents and recruiters of false Middle-East  Jobs.
Kenya Gov't should arrest Agents and recruiters of false Middle-East  Jobs.It is not news to the Kenya Government, that young Kenyans especially  girls, are tortured and mysteriously murdered in the Arab Nations, without anyone from the Kenya Government paying any attention. For decades now, the Kenya Government has watched Kenyans suffer and die from beatings, torture and murder in the Arab Nations, while the Kenyan legislatures engage in looting sprees of billions of public funds.
It is those looted public funds which would have created job opportunities for those young Kenyans who have been victims of terror from the Arabs. The young Kenyans would not have fallen of the traps by the recruiting Agents who woe them with  false promises of  lucrative jobs in the Arab world, had they been provided with something to do for a living back in Kenya.
Poverty has stricken Kenya so hard, such that when those young Kenyans are approached by the corrupt recruiting agents with those false promises, they give in very easily.  It is understood that the recruiting Agents receive a lot of money for one single recruit. The Agencies are therefore official corruption scandals, which operate officially and freely after the registration by the Government.
The Kenya Government is to blame for the registration of corrupt recruitment Agencies and for  the don’t care attitude about the mistreatment of Kenyans in the Arab world.  I wrote to the Kenyan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia regarding the two young Kenyan ladies who are now suffering there, in hope that the Ambassador will take the necessary action to attend to the problem of those two ladies, in order to prevent them dying for lack of attention, as did Rahab Njeri who mysteriously died recently in Saudi Arabia. I also sent copies of the letter to the Kenya Secretary of Foreign Affairs and to the Kenyan Ambassador to the USA.
The Kenya Government should immediately rescue those who are still alive and suffering in Saudi Arabia, where torture of Kenyans is extreme. At the same time the Government should disband all the Agencies involved in these recruitment scandals.  I have provided two of the corrupt recruitment Agencies already in operation in Kenya, which are busy recruiting more Kenyans for the false  Middle-east  jobs.
The Kenya Government should arrest and jail the operators of the Joytom Manpower Employment which is responsible for the recruitment of Mary Moraa Ombasa who is sick and suffering in Saudi Arabia and it should  also arrest and jail the operators of the Afrasa recruitment Agency in Nairobi which is responsible for the recruitment of Gladys Bonareri who is also suffering in Saudi Arabia. I communicated with the Chief of Gucha location from where Mary Moraa Ombasa comes, and she confirmed to me that Mary who hails from a very poor family, comes from her location.
The Kenya Government should use the following telephone numbers to reach the offices of those Agencies and their operators: The phone number for Joytom Manpower Employment Agency is 254720542728. For Afrasa recruitment Agency the Phone number is 254716820726 and the telephone number used by one of the Afrasa workers who facilitated her travel is 254704565763.  A Government which fails to protect its people is a failed Government and  Kenya is not one. The time is now for the Kenya Government to act to save those young Kenyans suffering in the Arab World.
By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity
Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union and
Kikimo Foundation for Corruption &
Poverty Eradication inc.


Kenya Gov’t should arrest Agents and recruiters of false Middle-East  Jobs.

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