Trump Touching Response To A Christmas Message From A lucky Kenyan

Trump Touching Response To A Christmas Message From A lucky Kenyan

Trump Touching Response To A Christmas Message From A lucky Kenyan
Donald Trump and David Kyallo Musyoka

Outgoing US President Donald Trump on Friday, December 25 issued a response to a touching Christmas message from a lucky Kenyan.

David Kyalo Musyoka took to Twitter late on Friday to reply to Trump’s tweet which criticised a news article that claimed Melina Trump had been snubbed by fashion magazines for four years.

Kyalo heaped praise on Trump, comparing his vision, stamina and courage to brave animals and also took time to send the family a Christmas message.

“This man Donald Trump has the courage of a lion, the vision of a giraffe and the stamina and endurance of a zebra! He left his comfort to fight for Americans!

“Merry Christmas Mr President! To you and your family! Say hi to the First Lady of the United States. Amazing First Lady with a heart of gold!” wrote Kyalo.

The heartwarming message attracted the attention of Trump as he took only 14 minutes to reply to the message by saying, “Thank you!”.

Kyalo’s tweet has since gone viral amassing 20,000 likes, 805 quote tweets and 5,100 retweets at the time of publishing the article.

A number of Twitter users had mixed reactions to Kyalo’s tweet as they flooded his tweets with replies showering Trump with praise and calling him out in equal measure.

“In fact, I call him the Lion of the tribe of modern America. I call him the Champion of the American dream and the slayer of enemies of Christianity. He is Donald Trump. We love and appreciate you from this side of the world. Merry Christmas!” noted Charles Abutu.

“The courage of a lion? …a man who got 5 deferments to keep from serving in Vietnam? …A man who told his eldest son that he’d disinherit him if he went into the service? You’ve been conned,” said MJ Bryant.

This is not the first time that Trump has replied to Kyalo as back in May the President took the time to respond to his tweet following attacks for criticizing a US journalist, Nicole Wallace.

Wallace, a staunch critic of Trump, hosts Deadline: White House on MSNBC and was also on ABC talk-show The View between 2014 and 2015.

After the cable news anchor bashed conservatives and defended former Vice President Joe Biden on-air, Trump directed a string of insults at her, MSNBC and its parent company, Comcast.

In response, Kyalo who describes himself as a Kenyan patriot, wrote: “Trump has done more for blacks than all the other presidents combined! Are we together?”, a message that Trump then endorsed.



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