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Year 2020 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Break-Ups

Year 2020 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Break-Ups

Year 2020 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Break-Ups
Marya Prude and Willis Raburu. COURTESY/PHOTO

Last year we witnessed several celebrity breakups and this year, even with the Coronavirus pandemic to deal with, the script remained just the same.

Jacque Maribe & Jowie Irungu

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Former TV girl Jacque Maribe’s public romance with Joseph Irungu ‘Jowie lit the internet in 2018 when he proposed to her at a popular establishment after dating for a year.

However, things took a turn for the worst when Jowie was implicated in the mysterious murder of city businesswoman Monica Kimani that same year.

Their relationship was further strained after they were both incarcerated over the murder but Maribe was freed on bond as his fiancé then remaining behind bars as the chief suspect.

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Jowie later revealed that she allegedly dumped him while he was in jail but in an interview with True Magazine in November, Maribe blasted him and accusing him of giving false information.

The former Citizen tv political reporter maintained that they parted ways before their arrest.

Diamond Platnumz & Tanasha Donna

After Uganda socialite Zari Hassan dumped Diamond over alleged cheating, months later he got hitched to the stunning Kenyan radio presenter and singer Tanasha Donna.

The two dated for a while and started by keeping their relationship a secret before going public.

Al seemed rosy and Tanasha even relocated to Tanzania to be closer to her Bongo megastar boo and even quit her presenter job at NRG Radio to focus on her music and relationship.

However, rumours of their break-up started milling in early March when she returned home from Tanzania and after a while she could no longer hold it and announced their celebrity split.

Tanasha later revealed that she and Diamond did not see eye to eye on certain things but Nairobi News established that he was opposed to her Kenyan wife launching a music career.

 Willis Raburu & Mary Prudence

The lovely couple got married in May 5, 2017 at a colorful private wedding that was attended by close family members, friends and colleagues.

Raburu and Prudence would go on to become a sensation serving couple goals on social media and even opened a Youtube health channel ‘Its Lit to be Lit’ to display their chemistry.

But after three years of what seemed like pure bliss, their union started experiencing some turbulence, with the loss of their first pregnancy in January 2020 only widening their cracks.

Allegations of infidelity on the part of Raburu started to float with some quarters linking the miscarriage to this and the loss pushed her into depression.

The TV personality was forced to take a sabbatical from work to be close to his wife then but this did little to block their split in May, with each opting to remain mute on the divorce cause.

Kenrazy & Sosuun

The rapping couple has been married for 10 years and in that period they have beem blessed with two daughters.

However, in November Sosuun took the public by surprise when she announced her split from Kenrazy on her social media pages citing toxic in-laws.

In a long and detailed post, Sosuun said that her in-laws, led by Kenrazy’s sister, had allegedly been frustrating her over the years despite her effort to play a good wife to the rapper.

She said she decided to walk away for the sake of her mental health as well as that of their two children because she was tired of having to put her hubby on the spot to pick a side in the rows.

Kenrazy later in December denying the split and walkout rumours saying they were working to patch things up.

Mulamwah & Carrol Sonnie

Online rib-cracker Kendrick Mulamwah called it quits with girlfriend Carrol Sonie in October after dating for two years with Mulamwa announcing the bad news on his Instagram page.

In the post, Mulamwah appeared to blame the actress for the break-up insinuating that she had allegedly lost focus on their relationship.

Sonnie later put up a post admitting that in deed she might have caused the split. In her post, she said the breakup did not mean she was a failure and that everyone deserved happiness.

Before they went their separate ways, the Mulamwahs had gone through a rough patch that saw them lose a three-month old pregnancy and this they blamed on cyberbullying.

By Thomas Matiko



Year 2020 Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Break-Ups

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