Kenyans without degrees to access work permits in Britain


Kenyans without degrees to access work permits in Britain

Kenyans without degrees to access work permits in Britain
President Uhuru Kenyatta and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Kenyans without degree qualifications will now get a chance to access work permits in Britain under the new points-based immigration system.

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The new immigration system has lowered the requirements for Kenyan job seekers to minimum skill A- level or equivalent degree level.

This comes following the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) in December 2020, a move which allowed the UK to collaborate with African countries.

Speaking to a local media house, UK Minister for Africa James Duddridge noted that Britain expects that a huge number of expatriates will fill the job vacancies.

“People who have lived and have done a bit of work” in the UK, worked for companies with links to British firms and “have a cultural appreciation of the UK society” stand to score more points under the work visa rules,” he stated.

Furthermore, the time allowed for Kenyan students to stay in the UK to look for work has also been extended from the previous four months which was under the EU rules.

Under a new graduate rules system, international students undertaking undergraduate or master’s degrees will be allowed to stay and work in Britain for two years after graduation. Those pursuing their PHDs will be given an allowance of 3 years.

Duddridge lauded the Graduate rules system noting that the move would contribute to the UK’s economic growth.

The relaxed work visa rules allow migrant workers to attain 70 points in order to move to the UK.

A job offer from an approved employer to do a skilled assignment earns a maximum of 40 points. Moreover, a migrant worker will attain 10 points if they speak English.

To achieve the remaining 20 points, the worker has to be paid Ksh 316,480 monthly or ksh3.79 million yearly.

A further 20 points could be earned if the applicant gets a job on the UK shortage occupation list.

The previous work visa system had received heavy criticism due to its stringent rules.

A number of Kenyans who have studied in the UK are often forced to return to Kenya, even after getting employment offers.

Reports indicated that the majority of business visa applications were being rejected and those verified could take up to 4 months in order to be processed.

Speaking on this issue, Duddridge affirmed this but noted that the UK government was reforming the process in order to accommodate more applications from immigrants.

This news comes after the majority of Kenyans are facing the pinch due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused thousands to lose their jobs.

Youths primarily have borne the brunt of this, with an estimated 35% unemployment rate, according to a report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)



Kenyans without degrees to access work permits in Britain

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