Makau Mutua submits application for Chief Justice

Makau Mutua submits application for Chief Justice
Makau Mutua submits application for Chief Justice

Prof. Makau Mutua has submitted his application for the vacant position of Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya.

His research areas include Constitution-Making, Human Rights, International Business Transactions, Post-Colonialism, Post-Conflict Societies, Public International Law, State Reconstruction, Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL), and Transitional Justice.

An abridged curriculum vitae of the professor can be viewed on the website of The State University of New York at Buffalo. Among his latest academic works is a paper titled “Savages, Victims, and Saviors: The Metaphor of Human Rights“.


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  1. daniel munyambu says

    Prof. Makau Mutua, your in-depth experience and expertise in legal system is needed in Kenya. Go for it.

  2. Dr Joe Karogi says

    Im not sure how Lawyer Mutua would do as CJ- let us get to know him too. To help the power that may be make informed choice. if he presents to be the best , so be it. For me I would like to know his involvement with the dispora in legal matters- It would be great to have a disporrian as a CJ may be he can bring a fresh breath of air in the Judicial Community in Kenya-
    Thank you

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