PHOTOS: Meet Karen Nyamu’s First Baby Daddy DJ Kevin

PHOTOS: Meet Karen Nyamu’s First Baby Daddy DJ Kevin

PHOTOS: Meet Karen Nyamu’s First Baby Daddy DJ KevinOne thing I know for sure is that former Nairobi Women Rep contestant Karen Nyamu has good taste when it comes to picking her baby daddies!

Look at Samidoh, he may have refuted claims linking him to the politician; but looking at the baby he made with her – it’s obvious to see that Nyamu chose the right genes for her son.

For those who don’t know, Ms Nyamu also a daughter who recently turned 4 years old. However since we didn’t know much about Ms Nyamu back then; details of her first baby daddy not forgetting why they parted ways remained on the low.

But now that everyone is discussing this city lawyer – who doubles up as a politician and a Director at Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company; everything about her past is also coming to light!

Meet the hot baby daddy

Before making headlines with her weed photo; Ms Nyamu back then had been dating a young man identified as DJ Kevin. He is the father of their adorable baby girl and unlike Samidoh – the fella doesn’t mind his baby mama posting him on social media.

So far Nyamu has shared a couple of his photos on social media and during Father’s Day she went on to show him some appreciation in a post where she wrote;

“Happy Father’s day to this papa of my baby. We are so thankful for everything you do. Thank you and God bless!,”

From how the two handle co-parenting – we can clearly see that they had a good foundation in terms of friendship; which now allows their daughter to grow up in peaceful environment.

Anyway below are a few photos of the hot guy turning heads on social media.


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PHOTOS: Meet Karen Nyamu’s First Baby Daddy DJ Kevin

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