PHOTOS: Ex-TV Anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri Star-Studded Wedding


PHOTOS: Ex-TV Anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri Star-Studded Wedding

PHOTOS: Ex-TV Anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri Star-Studded WeddingEx-Inooro TV presenter Muthoni Wa Mukiri married her long-time lover in a “Ruracio” ceremony in Saturday, July 10.

The former TV siren had invite a number of stars as part of her bridal team, who included Lilian Muli, Teacher Wanjiku, and popular actor and radio presenter Shix Kapienga.

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Wa Mukiri’s “ruracio” comes weeks after she had showed her fans a diamond ring that her lover had given her in proposal for her hand in marriage. The news of her “ruracio” were made public by Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli who was part of Wa Mukiri’s bridal team full of celebrity faces.

Muli shared the news of the wedding on her Instagram page, tagging Wa Mukiri and the bridal team on her Instagram stories.

Wa Mukiri who was much beloved by the Kikuyu audience mesmerized them with her Kikuyu eloquence and delivery before offering her resignation which took many by surprise.

Speaking after her exit from Inooro TV, Wa Mukiri said that she had rejected several job offers to pursue personal projects, including running her YouTube page.

“I have received a lot of calls to continue what I was doing in other media houses but I’m not ready yet, I’m still taking some time to myself,” said Wa Mukiri.

Muthoni also said that she was heavily invested in the cosmetics industry.

Wa Mukiri owns a hairline business known as Mukiri Hair Hub which sells premium wigs and human hair.

The ex anchor had also gone gone back to school to study psychology following her resignation from the Royal Media-owned TV station.



PHOTOS: Ex-TV Anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri Star-Studded Wedding

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