VIDEO: Uhuru, Ruto share a light moment during Mashujaa Day fete in Kirinyaga


VIDEO: Uhuru, Ruto share a light moment during Mashujaa Day fete in KirinyagaPresident Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto took time to share a light moment during Mashujaa Day fete in Kirinyaga

In his speech, the Deputy President William Ruto vowed to build on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy and the Big-Four Agenda.

Addressing the nation during the national celebrations at Wang’uru Stadium, Kirinyaga County, Ruto said that President Uhuru had steered the country to unprecedented transformation since they took over the Presidency.

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“As your Deputy for the last nine years, I will make sure your legacy, the Big-Four Agenda together with the Bottom-up Economic Model will take the country to greater heights,” the DP said.

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Said Ruto: “Your Excellency, we came here four years ago and this place was very muddy, today we have a world-class stadium because of your commitment to the development of our country”.

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The DP also said that he would work together with his political competitors to expand Uhuru’s legacy.

“My competitors and I will make sure we build on the legacy you have set. Your legacy has set the standard for your successors,” he added.

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“We celebrate the many people who worked so hard and paid the huge price to be the nation we are today. Mr. President, we celebrate you as our leader, your place in the history of Kenya is secure and prominent as a transformational leader,” he concluded.

His statement charged the gathering at the stadium, showering him with claps and cheers as he paved way for the Head of State to take the podium.

Prior to his speech, the DP and his boss are engaged in a hearty chat. Ruto is seen speaking to Uhuru who appears to be happily explaining something to him.

He nods in agreement after which they fist-bump before the DP makes his way back to his seat.

Since their second term re-election, the duo’s relations have been frosty.

At one point the president dared his Deputy to resign from the government if he was displeased with its operations.

In response, would hear none of that saying he was duly elected to serve the people.

By Winfrey Owino


Ruto Makes Promises to Uhuru as Crowd Cheers On

Deputy President William Ruto’s assurances to his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, thrilled the Mashujaa Day attendees at Wang’uru Stadium, Kirinyaga.

Ruto, on Wednesday, October 20, promised to safeguard Uhuru’s legacy after the Head of State retires in 2022. The DP praised Uhuru as a transformational leader whose reputation and development agenda would guide his successors.

“I assure you that as your deputy for nine years, your legacy and agenda and transformation of our nation together with the bottom-up approach will drive this country,” Ruto stated as the crowd cheered on.

Uhuru, who favours a trickle-down economic model rather than Ruto’s bottom-up approach, was also spotted laughing at the DP’s thinly veiled attack.

The DP further claimed to speak on behalf of all opposition leaders who had attended the meeting, when he assured Uhuru that they would work in unison and champion for peace and posterity.


VIDEO: Uhuru, Ruto share a light moment during Mashujaa Day fete in Kirinyaga

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