Immigration Director Muteshi says Miguna lost Kenyan citizenship & must Re-apply

Immigration Director Muteshi says Miguna lost Kenyan citizenship & must Re-apply
Immigration Director Muteshi says Miguna lost Kenyan citizenship & must Re-apply

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi claims Immigration Director-General Alexander Muteshi physically assaulted him on Wednesday as tried to serve him with a court order that directed lawyer Miguna Miguna be handed a document to allow him to travel to Kenya.

Havi took to social media, after the encounter, to cry foul stating that Muteshi claimed Miguna will have to re-apply for a Kenyan passport as such the court order, issued on November 22, will not be enforced.

“For him, Miguna Miguna is not a Kenyan citizen and lost Kenyan citizenship upon acquiring a Canadian Passport. Alexander Muteshi Imbenzi claims that Miguna Miguna must re-apply for Kenyan citizenship. He physically assaulted me as I served the Order upon him this morning,” Havi tweeted.

In the video, Muteshi is seen at his desk talking to Havi when he notices the LSK boss recording their conversation. Irked by Havi’s move, Muteshi stands up and confronts the LSK boss.

He then proceeds to hit Havi’s phone out of his hand before the video ends. The footage does not capture any form of physical violence against Havi.

Prior to the incident with Muteshi, Havi claims that he delivered the Court order to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but he was denied service as well.

“I served the Order on Ambassador J Vungo of the Legal Department who refused to accept service. J Vungo indicated that the Order will not be complied with and that Miguna Miguna must apply for a Kenyan Visa with his Canadian Passport or apply to regain Kenyan citizenship,” Havi tweeted.

Miguna was quick to respond to Havi’s comments and he proceeded to criticize the regime stating that the constitution allowed the lawyer to represent any person he wishes.

“Where is the problem if Havi is my lawyer? What law stops him from being friends with, or belonging to political parties of his choice under the constitution? Why must I support or oppose what Havi does when each one of us has rights under the constitution?’ Miguna posed on Twitter.

Havi has since written to the Attorney General asking him to ensure that the court order is adhered to and Miguna is granted the travel documents.



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