Miguna says Red Alerts prevent Airlines from flying him to any destination in Africa

Miguna says Red Alerts prevent Airlines from flying him to any destination in Africa
Lawyer Miguna Miguna (right) at the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport on Monday, November 15, 2021. |Photo| Courtesy|

Controversial barrister Miguna Miguna has addressed requests from a section of Kenyans asking him to sneak into the country via neighbouring Uganda.

Taking to Twitter on the morning of Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the lawyer explained that red alerts issued against him by the government prevent airlines from flying him into any destination in Africa.

Miguna also argued that sneaking back into Kenya would justify his deportation.

“Those asking me to fly to Uganda then cross the border “illegally” into Kenya must understand that the Red Alerts stop airlines from flying me to any African country.

“Also, acting illegally would give the despot an excuse to justify his criminality and to brand me a terrorist,” Miguna stated.

A section of Kenyans had urged the lawyer to travel to neighbouring African countries and from there find his way into the country.

Miguna, who is in Germany, however, clarified that the red alerts issued by the government prevented such a scenario.

“Both Lufthansa and Air France have told me that the Red Alerts prevent them from flying me to any destination in Africa. Focus on the illegalities of the Red Alerts, their use to facilitate disobedience of court orders and human rights violations,” he explained.

Other netizens had opined that Miguna hires a private jet into the country, an option he also said would not be viable.

“Can you hire one for me? More seriously, even private jets need clearance to fly over a country’s airspace. At the moment, Despot Uhuru Kenyatta has abducted the Kenyan airspace and will either shoot your jet down or deny it landing. Let us reflect carefully before Tweeting,” he stated.

Miguna is currently in Germany and was bound to arrive in the country today, November 16.

While at the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport on November 15, he was barred from boarding on flight AF 836 Air France due to the Red Alerts.

“Here is the document Air France has given me. They have refused to state “Red Alert.” But they have indicated that it is obvious and they empathize with me but that there is nothing they can do. Let our legal team get to work. Thanks, everyone for the support. Aluta Continua,” he tweeted.


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Miguna says Red Alerts prevent Airlines from flying him to any destination in Africa

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