Cate Waruguru’s New Husband Peter Waweru confirms their Relationship

Cate Waruguru’s New Husband Peter Waweru confirms their Relationship

Cate Waruguru’s New Husband Peter Waweru confirms their RelationshipLaikipia Women Representative Cate Waruguru’s husband, Peter Waweru, has accused his wife’s political foes of trying to wreck his marriage.

The legislator has been recently on the spot for allegedly ruining another woman – Zipporah Njoki’s marriage, allegations that Waweru has rubbished.

In an exclusive interview with, Waweru also quashed claims that his newly found love had attacked Njoki, the latter who he said was his ex-wife.

“My wife’s foes are behind the false social media allegations. Some female politician from Mt Kenya region who tried to make advances at me is the one who began spreading the malicious allegations to taint our names,” Waweru said.

He claimed the female politician from the Mt Kenya region initially wanted to get in an affair with him, but he rejected, prompting her to hit back at any opportunity. The woman politician, Waweru sensationally claimed, was also a long time political foe of Waruguru. “I am currently married to Cate Waruguru, and we live together as a happy couple. I want people to respect our marriage. Let them know she’s my lovely married wife,” Waweru stated. The businessman disclosed that he had initiated a divorce petition against Njoki, who is based in Bamburi Mombasa, to ensure he officiates his new marriage.

Waweru and Njoki’s marriage was blessed with three children. “We have three children with Njoki. I have, however, initiated a divorce suit to end our union officially. I will continue providing for my three children, but it should also be known that Cate Waruguru is my wife,” he explained.

The internet has been recently awash with allegations by Njoki, who accused the two of attacking her at her Bamburi residence.

The accused female politician requested to keep her off the distraction of the couple saying she had many things to do, and poking her nose in other people’s relationships was not one of them. “I have big issues to discuss and deal with about this country and my voters, not gossip and innuendos. I think those mentioning me should be ashamed of themselves. I wouldn’t hesitate to sue anyone mentioning me without concrete proof of their allegations,” the politician responded. Waweru called on men to be bold when they move on or divorce and make known their wives to avoid external speculation that could bring unnecessary fallout.


Cate Waruguru’s New Husband Peter Waweru confirms their Relationship

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