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Marriage: Pastors Should Pay More Attention to Wives than Husbands

Marriage: Pastors Should Pay More Attention to Wives than Husbands
Marriage: Pastors Should Pay More Attention to Wives than Husbands

Where are women in the world of politics and society? Data shows that women are the majority in many societies and yet they are the least in much political, social, and economic leadership.

Take for example British politics. In its history, women have occupied the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street twice. In the United States, it is just recently that a woman is vice president and her approval rating is only 29%.

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The United States Senate has only 24 women. The vast majority of United States Senators are old white Anglo Saxon protestant and Jewish men. Few women hold major offices in co-operate world. Where are women? The possibility of a woman becoming Kenya’s president is 1 in 50 million.

Back during the campaign of 2013, I was part of those election observers whose purposes were to understand the dynamics of women participation in Kenyan political movements.

I was privileged to work with an able lady by the name Njeri Kabeberi. She is the head of Center for Multiparty Democracy. The chairman of the center was the current speaker of Kenya’s parliament, Justin Muturi.

The center sought to enhance women’s participation in politics. The center trained potential candidates to understand political campaigns. They wanted to help women achieve the 1/3 gender threshold mandated by Kenya’s constitution.

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Even with this incredible financial and strategic support, only 19 women were elected as members of parliament out of the 290 seats. That is why there is a move to change this threshold allowing women to be nominated as MPs.

In some countries (Arab Countries especially), women are not part of political or social life. The American experiment, which sought to force women into political movements, ended in disaster in Afghanistan.

The state of women in these countries fit Aristotle’s assertion that women are generally slaves to men arguing that, “ . . . a possession may be defined as an instrument of action, separable from the possessor.” The action of men towards women results in their enslavement.

Women are out – maneuvered by men because they live a life of trauma. This trauma does not arise from the environment. Rather, it is part of a woman’s DNA. A woman is born with a biological NORM of trauma.

From the age of at least 12 years, the menstrual period begins. In many cases, this result in painful cramps, painful discharges and other physical consequences of the female DNA: physical and psychological trauma. In Kenya particularly, poverty hinders access to sanitary towels.

This simple luck results in psychological torture and trauma. Child bearing also inflicts on women an unimaginable pain, both physical and psychological.

When a woman gets married, she enters into this union with a high level of psychological expectation (comfort from natural trauma). A man enters into marriage mostly with (mechanical) physical attachment. Many men are blind to a woman’s trauma. This results in many women living a traumatic marriage life.

Before the fall, the union was perfect and ‘marriage’ then would have been without pain, though women’s role would still be evident. However, the curse on the woman to pain is not just the childbirth reference, rather, it is a biological trauma which is evident in their DNA.

For the man, the curse is not physical but mechanical: he has to provide for his family through mechanical means. This labor is not part of man’s DNA given that many men fail to provide for their family without physical or psychological consequences. Rather, it is a mental based mechanism: based upon a decision to work or not to work.

The woman is forced through DNA to her status and cannot escape from natural trauma. Therefore women participate in all of life while in a state of traumatic existence. They fight physical and psychological battles that men do not have to fight.

In the case of Mississippi abortion law, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization currently being argued in the United States Supreme Court, the main argument by the WHO is that abortion is not about the right of a child but women’s right to oppose the trauma of pregnancy.

They are arguing that a woman is restricted by her DNA and cannot live free and participate in society because she gets pregnant. Therefore she should be rescued by the Supreme Court from being forced to remain pregnant. This is a selfish argument that dehumanizes the child in the womb.

As a theologian, I am forced to agree with the Women Health Organization that the life of a woman is nothing but traumatic and restrictive. This is divinely instituted. However, I propose a new consciousness in the church.

The Church of Christ must reconstitute its policies and demand that pastors, recognizing this Divine instituted DNA in woman, teach men the meaning of true love.

Paul demands that men sacrifice on behalf of women as Christ sacrificed for the Church. Therefore, in issues relating to marriages, the church must pay more attention to the concern of the wife more than that of  the husband.

The reason is because women are naturally forced to fulfill their obligation through torture and trauma, while men can mechanically opt out.

In respect to social justice, the policies set forth by societies are governed under Romans 13. On this, we must submit to democracy.


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates.

Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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Marriage: Pastors Should Pay More Attention to Wives than Husbands

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