Kenyan Woman Conned Ksh 2M, Posh Car By Facebook Lover

Kenyan Woman Conned Ksh 2M, Posh Car By Facebook Lover
Kenyan Woman Conned Ksh 2M, Posh Car By Facebook Lover

A Kenyan woman has come out to reveal how she allegedly lost close to Ksh2 million to a boyfriend she met on social media network, Facebook.

Speaking on Hot96 FM during the morning show hosted by Jeff Koinange and Nick Odhiambo on Thursday, February 24, the woman narrated that she was reportedly swindled in the name of love.

She stated that she met her boyfriend on Facebook and their relationship grew over time. The man perceived himself as a staunch Christian.

To win her heart, the man reportedly posed as a wealthy individual with a well paying job and even driving a top of the range vehicle.

However, she remarked that after months of being together, she reportedly started noticing some faults and red flags from their relationship.

The man reportedly reached out to her requesting Ksh500,000 to invest in his distribution and supply venture in the country.

“He had a tender to supply some poles, but he was not able to finish the tender, so he needed more funding,” she stated.

“The first time I withdrew Ksh500,000 and gave him in cash, then we went and had coffee and I also paid for the coffee.”

After two months, she alleged that the man further requested for another Ksh1.2 million. She borrowed the money from a financial institution and channeled to him.

“He asked for Ksh350,000, at the time I did not have the funds, so he kept asking me to borrow from an institution, so I borrowed from a Sacco and a bank, a total of Ksh1.2 million,” she remarked

The series continued as he again asked for another Ksh200,000 to facilitate the tender that he had acquired. She emotionally narrated that despite being broke, she volunteered to help the man.

To convince the Kenyan woman of a bright future together, she told Hot96 FM that the man convinced her that he was building a company that they would run together.

She kept financing the projects despite the man not showing her the proof of their existence until she was financially depleted. By the time she came to her senses, she had reportedly used her logbook to secure a loan and resigned from her job with the hopes of running a company they were allegedly building together.

“Because the logbook was in my name, we went to a lending institution to exchange the car, I signed the documents and gave them the logbook,” she emotionally revealed.

Their friendship deteriorated and she realised that she had lost a total of Ksh2 million plus her car. However, the Kenyan woman did not reveal whether she filed a case with the law enforcement authorities following the ordeal.

In Kenya, swindling is considered as a form of financial fraud which is punishable by law. The punishment varies on case by case basis.

The law further dictates that anyone who is defrauded is required to report the incident to police to allow investigation to be done before proper legal action is taken against the perpetrator.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has a unit called Banking Fraud Investigation Unit (BFIU) which is tasked with investigating fraud complaints from commercial banks, other financial institutions, and parastatals.

The unit also sensitises the public on common types of fraud and further liaises with other law enforcement agencies on financial fraud prevention strategies.



Kenyan Woman Conned Ksh 2M, Posh Car By Facebook Lover

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